Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Morning after...

No morning was ever so glorious as the one after the love affair of Make Believe and Antipodium.

So we did it, we pulled off what seemed near impossible. Ebony and I were still working away as the sun came up at 6 am the day of the Ant!podium show! But we pushed it to the end, managed to finish everything and even had time for showers before racing down to the OPT! yess!

Backstage was mayhem, all the shows were running late due to a power outage throughout the city earlier that morning. However, being on schedule was not our biggest concern at that time, as we had already moved mountains to be there right on time for once in our lives, but our worry was whether or not we were going to be allowed to put the tampon jewelry on the runway. Let me explain. Moxi tampons were a major sponsor of the Antipodium show, and we thought it would be great to incorporate them with some tongue in cheek resin tampon jewelry, the gigantic "A" made of tampons was our baby, and it needed to grace the catwalk! After a very intense discussion and 'show and tell' of the jewelry, we got the thumbs up! We at Make Believe threw a few hi-fives and got ready to knock the socks off Sydney Fashion week!

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for, Totally Tarot by Ant!podium, feat. Make Believe for Ant!podium....

After the show, we had the pleasure of meeting the likes of Patty Huntington, ..... and a few other 'who's who' in fashion and online celebridom...

Andrej, the dreamy one who stole the show!

Matt Jordan from Imelda, Isaac and model, Samantha Shorter.

Andrej and Geoffrey J chatting with the infamous Patty Huntington, while she updates the rest of the world on what is happening backstage in fashion.

The after party at the Absolut bar kept us chatting, dancing and I cannot say there was a moment when I did not have a drink in my hand. And again with the VIPs of fashion. It was such a pleasure to crack a few jokes with Andrej, Kirstie Clements, Geoffrey J Finch, Ryan Lobo, and the whole team who brought you the mystical, smoking show....Totally Tarot.

So that is that! It was such a pleasure to work with whole team of Antipodium, and I know it isn't going the be the last fashion week for Ambony at Make Believe! Not only because we have so much more in us, but because the phone interview with Vogue that we woke up to confirms that we are here to stay! Look out for the Make Believe for Antipodium feature in July Vouge.

Now, back to the parties and shows!

Amber Joy


  1. Welldone lady!!! Woooohooooooo!!!!

  2. Wow so amazing. I'm so really jealous about vogue! But congrats guys. So wish I could have been there. BTW omg I know all the people in your photos, Matt (Imelda) is a good friend of mine, I know Joesph from way back, Ryan I've met at fashion week (he was very mean to me!) and I met Geoffrey at the recent LMFF....ohhhhh it looks like you had a ball, I really wish I went.