Saturday, April 25, 2009

Collaborate. Celebrate. Make Believe for Ant!podium.

Wowie!!! I am so happy to report that we have been working our little tails off here at Make Believe, and yes we secretly hide our tails, to bring you a Make Believe for Ant!podium collaboration to hit the runways for Sydney Fashoion Week!

Yeah, go ahead, Freak Out!!! We sure are! The excitement is building as the show creeps up on us. Ambony (that's us, Amber and Ebony) and Ant!podium designer Geoffrey J Finch along with our favorite stylist Ryan 'tough love' Lobo of Pages Digital Online Magazine are excited to show you what we have been brewing up. The Totally Tarot show hits the runway Tuesday 28 April with rodents, rust and resin.

Here's a little glimpse at what we have been working on....

Getting dirty is the other side of glamour here at Make Believe, and the toxic fumes are really starting to fuel the late night creativity! And is it wrong that I am starting to like the fumes?

Hahaha! Ant!podium has gotten Moxie, yeah the Moxie that sells you cutsie tampons tied in bows, to be a sponsor of the show. This means that we have tons of tampons to play with and jewelry to will never believe just how fashionable a Moxie Tampon can actually be!

Drilling tampons is definitely not something we do everyday!

Late night styling at The Church also known as the insanely impressive showroom of the lovely Sydney Press office, Little Hero. The magic made in this place is sure to wow you this week...and many more to come!

Now, back to collaboration and creation! Only 54 hours til the show! eek!

amber joy


  1. OMG WOW. I met Geoffrey J Finch at Melbourne Fashion Week and he was so lovely. Can't believe you guys met him in Japan (read the previous post) amazing. But this is soooo freaking cool I wish I could come and see it. I was meant to be going to Sydney for fash week but it all fell through. Sucks to be me. But wow so excited for you both.