Monday, May 25, 2009

Make Believe + Trippple Nippples + Tokyo Dandy = ♥

It feels like a million years ago now, but it was just at the beginning of April that Ebony and I were gearing up to say Sayonara to Tokyo and fly away back to our sunny studios in Sydney. In the last few days leading up to our departure, we had a million zillion things to do and more than enough determination to do it. Nights without sleep, days without stopping, and meals eaten in convenience stores without sitting.

We had arranged a photo shoot on our second last day in Tokyo, so when our morning business meeting in Shibuya ran over, it made us late. As we zipped to meet our musical genius models, the Trippple Nippples we split up in taxis to conquer all. It was such a whirlwind day...the Nippples were helping us slather on their make up, and we were doing all the last minute adjustments to the clothing and jewelry. All the while, our very special photographer friend, Dan Bailey from Tokyo Dandy was waiting patiently for us in the serene park Shinjuku Gyoen amongst hundreds of people who were also there to view the cherry blossoms.

We arrived at the park with juice, hairspray and capes in hand and began to seek out the best places to get some incredible shots. For a park that you have to pay to enter and go through turnstiles, we managed to find such peaceful tranquility. It was one of the most glorious days of my life, and as the park emptied at 4pm, we found ourselves alone in the magical park. And as the sun tucked behind the big bad buildings of Shinjuku, it truly felt like we were in the land of Make Believe.


Photography: Dan Bailey. Tokyo Dandy
Models: Trippple Nippples
All clothes, accessories and styling: Make Believe (Amber Joy and Ebony Fleur)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

To Asia and Back for Only $22

Let me first tell you a little something about us here at Make Believe. We love Asia. Not exactly sure what it is, but put us in any Asian county, in any restaurant or in any awkward language barrier conversation and we love it! Be it the bright colors, the mystery meat or that fact that you can get anything you ever imagined at almost any time of day. Maybe this isn't true everywhere, but it is something we love about the Asian corner of the world.

Saying all that, you can only imagine the sheer happiness I felt when Ebony took me on the 2.5hr, $22 toll round trip (by car) from Sydney to Cabramatta. I couldn't stop saying, "I love this place.....I seriously need to move here.....look at these panties with a built in zip pocket....can we eat AGAIN!" Heaven!

Since we are working our buts off in Sydney right pumping out the latest jewelry collection 'Petal to the Metal', time does not allow for us to jump on a plane and head into the world of exotic fruit, bartering and sugar cane juice. So instead we have be jumping in the car with magazines and gossip in tow and heading to Vietnamese Land (aka Cabramatta) to do some serious eating and fabric shopping.

I really need to move to Cabramatta!

Amber Joy

Friday, May 15, 2009

She's Got The Look

It was a glorious morning full of make up, flashing lights and the new 'Petal to the Metal' jewelry collection by Make Believe (that's us). And we are proud to say that in just one painless day, we are on our way to our first look book! In fact there was no pain involved whatsoever!

Ebony and I had the chance to meet and work with some fabulous ladies here in Sydney and had a blast on the shoot. We spent the day with the lovely Pip Vassett from Pages Online, Jasmin Lo our hair and make up wizard, the photography skills of Sally Griffiths and of course our beautiful muse, Victoria Lee.

Sally setting up the lights that Ebony continued to trip over and hit her head on. Very graceful morning!

I would kill to have a suitcase full of make up and "have to" carry it around all day. I would be flawless and covered in MAC face and body foundation!

Kitchen turned studio. Not bad, not bad at all! And I must say that I prefer to turn other peoples kitchens into studios, I have done it to mine one too many times!

I am not sure what I am doing here. Clearly Pip is working, but am I falling asleep?

Our weapons of choice for an 8am call time...water, knives and Gummy Bears.

What a babe! Victoria is fresh on the modeling scene, and is working her way up awfully fast!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!!!!! We cannot wait to work with all these precious gems again soon!!!!

The pics of the new jewellery turned out incredible! And before you know it, we will have the new look books in our hot little hands! yesssssss!

(that's Amber Joy & Ebony Fleur for those of you who didn't catch on yet!)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Better on the Bottom?

For the past year I have been trying to figure out if it is better on the bottom or on the top. It really does come down to personal preference and just how hot you like it...and let me tell you, some like it hot!!!

What I am on about? I am talking about living above or below that tiny little line called the Equator. Having just spent my first summer on the bottom, it was both eventful and satisfying. But now that I am seeing photographic evidence of friends having pic-nics in Tokyo, driking fine wine on the streets in Europe and riding bikes in baithing suits through the sunny streets of Cali...I cannot help but miss life on top.

Here's a little recap of this past Summer here in Sydney...minus the humiliating pics of Sydney Festival and a few other nights of pure insanity...

I dont know what it is about boat parties, but I have grown to love them more than I will love my first born! Sipping champagne starboard, proclaiming party on the poopdeck or manning the boom...We ♥ Boat Parties!!!

mmmm... Sydney is not only sunny, it is scrumptious too! Right Ebony?

Love this guy!

Twin peaks

Summer summer summer time

A stroll through the botanical gardens the day after Christmas, not bad for what is usually a white winter's day for me.

Many sweet summer evenings were spent on the steps of this church. Hallelujah!

Jamming out in the streets on scattered pianos

mmmm...nothing like some hot steamy black mountain.....soup?!?!?!

Love how much this man actually looks like a baked potato. Just add some sour cream, chives and sprinkle on the bacon bits!

Not bad, not bad at all!

I dont get it?

This is the coolest little dude I've met in a long time. I would definitely like to chill with him for a few days, I think we would get along just fine.

Beach Party with our main man Mika-chu who was visiting from Tokyo. Epic party! I lost my phone, nearly lost my camera and definitely lost my dignity all in one night!

The one and only Todd Selby had an exhibition with what's his name again? Oh right, The Cobrasnake at Monster Children Gallery. It was a hot night...

I wonder if this lady prefers it on the top or the bottom??? ...Of the equator! You sickkos!!!

Anyways, we all know just how much Mark the Cobrasnake loves summer in this god gifted city so it was in good spirit to wind down summer along side him and his groupies. This is when I began to get more comfused about excactly what month it is and what jacket to wear???

Now we need a heaters in the studios and hot water bottles at night. Life on the bottom is pretty damn good, but like all things in life, you always want to be where you are not, just incase it could be more satisfying.