Monday, May 25, 2009

Make Believe + Trippple Nippples + Tokyo Dandy = ♥

It feels like a million years ago now, but it was just at the beginning of April that Ebony and I were gearing up to say Sayonara to Tokyo and fly away back to our sunny studios in Sydney. In the last few days leading up to our departure, we had a million zillion things to do and more than enough determination to do it. Nights without sleep, days without stopping, and meals eaten in convenience stores without sitting.

We had arranged a photo shoot on our second last day in Tokyo, so when our morning business meeting in Shibuya ran over, it made us late. As we zipped to meet our musical genius models, the Trippple Nippples we split up in taxis to conquer all. It was such a whirlwind day...the Nippples were helping us slather on their make up, and we were doing all the last minute adjustments to the clothing and jewelry. All the while, our very special photographer friend, Dan Bailey from Tokyo Dandy was waiting patiently for us in the serene park Shinjuku Gyoen amongst hundreds of people who were also there to view the cherry blossoms.

We arrived at the park with juice, hairspray and capes in hand and began to seek out the best places to get some incredible shots. For a park that you have to pay to enter and go through turnstiles, we managed to find such peaceful tranquility. It was one of the most glorious days of my life, and as the park emptied at 4pm, we found ourselves alone in the magical park. And as the sun tucked behind the big bad buildings of Shinjuku, it truly felt like we were in the land of Make Believe.


Photography: Dan Bailey. Tokyo Dandy
Models: Trippple Nippples
All clothes, accessories and styling: Make Believe (Amber Joy and Ebony Fleur)


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