Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Morning after...

No morning was ever so glorious as the one after the love affair of Make Believe and Antipodium.

So we did it, we pulled off what seemed near impossible. Ebony and I were still working away as the sun came up at 6 am the day of the Ant!podium show! But we pushed it to the end, managed to finish everything and even had time for showers before racing down to the OPT! yess!

Backstage was mayhem, all the shows were running late due to a power outage throughout the city earlier that morning. However, being on schedule was not our biggest concern at that time, as we had already moved mountains to be there right on time for once in our lives, but our worry was whether or not we were going to be allowed to put the tampon jewelry on the runway. Let me explain. Moxi tampons were a major sponsor of the Antipodium show, and we thought it would be great to incorporate them with some tongue in cheek resin tampon jewelry, the gigantic "A" made of tampons was our baby, and it needed to grace the catwalk! After a very intense discussion and 'show and tell' of the jewelry, we got the thumbs up! We at Make Believe threw a few hi-fives and got ready to knock the socks off Sydney Fashion week!

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for, Totally Tarot by Ant!podium, feat. Make Believe for Ant!podium....

After the show, we had the pleasure of meeting the likes of Patty Huntington, ..... and a few other 'who's who' in fashion and online celebridom...

Andrej, the dreamy one who stole the show!

Matt Jordan from Imelda, Isaac and model, Samantha Shorter.

Andrej and Geoffrey J chatting with the infamous Patty Huntington, while she updates the rest of the world on what is happening backstage in fashion.

The after party at the Absolut bar kept us chatting, dancing and I cannot say there was a moment when I did not have a drink in my hand. And again with the VIPs of fashion. It was such a pleasure to crack a few jokes with Andrej, Kirstie Clements, Geoffrey J Finch, Ryan Lobo, and the whole team who brought you the mystical, smoking show....Totally Tarot.

So that is that! It was such a pleasure to work with whole team of Antipodium, and I know it isn't going the be the last fashion week for Ambony at Make Believe! Not only because we have so much more in us, but because the phone interview with Vogue that we woke up to confirms that we are here to stay! Look out for the Make Believe for Antipodium feature in July Vouge.

Now, back to the parties and shows!

Amber Joy

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Collaborate. Celebrate. Make Believe for Ant!podium.

Wowie!!! I am so happy to report that we have been working our little tails off here at Make Believe, and yes we secretly hide our tails, to bring you a Make Believe for Ant!podium collaboration to hit the runways for Sydney Fashoion Week!

Yeah, go ahead, Freak Out!!! We sure are! The excitement is building as the show creeps up on us. Ambony (that's us, Amber and Ebony) and Ant!podium designer Geoffrey J Finch along with our favorite stylist Ryan 'tough love' Lobo of Pages Digital Online Magazine are excited to show you what we have been brewing up. The Totally Tarot show hits the runway Tuesday 28 April with rodents, rust and resin.

Here's a little glimpse at what we have been working on....

Getting dirty is the other side of glamour here at Make Believe, and the toxic fumes are really starting to fuel the late night creativity! And is it wrong that I am starting to like the fumes?

Hahaha! Ant!podium has gotten Moxie, yeah the Moxie that sells you cutsie tampons tied in bows, to be a sponsor of the show. This means that we have tons of tampons to play with and jewelry to will never believe just how fashionable a Moxie Tampon can actually be!

Drilling tampons is definitely not something we do everyday!

Late night styling at The Church also known as the insanely impressive showroom of the lovely Sydney Press office, Little Hero. The magic made in this place is sure to wow you this week...and many more to come!

Now, back to collaboration and creation! Only 54 hours til the show! eek!

amber joy

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Glitter and Flowers and Bryan Boy, Oh My!

It has almost been a month since style and grace filled the air at Japan Fashion Week. And what a fabulous week it was in Tokyo!!! The shows, the parties, and the flowing champagne were unforgettable...and one more thing that we at Make Believe just cannot forget is meeting a certain fashion blogger, a man who is all up in your face, a gem...Bryan Boy!

And even more exciting than meeting the man of the hour was to dress him up in our own Make Believe Floral Neckpiece. Our main men Dan and Jo over at Tokyo Dandy so gracefully styled and executed a fantastic photo shoot.

Seen here with Jo from Tokyo Dandy and Tokyo "It Boy" Yuya, Bryan boy wears tank by Dressed Undressed, Necklace by Make Believe.

Thanks for putting together such a great photo shoot! We love you all!!!

Make Believe

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Antipodium We Love You!!!

The first time I was so lucky to meet mister Geoffrey J Finch, designer of Antipodium, was a few years back on a mild autumn evening in the sparkling city of Tokyo. All it took were a few shared dirty jokes, delicious sashimi, a mutual friend named DJ Bush Pig, and we were sipping Moet in the streets of Shibuya. We all know what happens when you mix champagne with pleasure, you wind up doing crazy things. Before i knew it, we were in Tokyo's gay district of Ni-Chome dancing on fountains and causing a real kafuffle. Ever since meeting Mister Finch, this has become our trend. It is what we both do best, cause a kafuffle, so imagine the two forces of Geoffrey J and Ambony....we always create sparks!!!

And sparks will definitely fly next week as Antipodium hits the runway for Sydney Fashion week. Geoffrey J. Finch (Creative Director), Ashe Peacock (Founder) and her sister Fenella have been working hard to bring us the newest collection for Australia's Spring Summer '09. I am so excited to see what playful sophistication is coming down the catwalk this season. Time and time again, Antipodium gives us independent, deviant and always knowing-what-we-want women styles to swoon over. The current season Potential New Boyfriend makes my mouth water and we at Make Believe cannot wait to see what is in store for next season! The Totally Tarot show hits the runway at the Over Seas Passenger Terminal Tuesday 28th April 5PM.

I have been known to raid the Antipodium closet whenever I can. But you can't blame me, the temptation of Geoffrey J Finch's designs are really more tempting than a tall delicious chocolate cake to a premenstrual gal! So sue me! Here are some of the Antipodium looks that we have fallen in love with in past seasons....

Potential New Boyfriend '09

Friends in Low Places '08

Friends in Low Places '08

No Romance Without Finance '07

Frilled to Meet You '07

Celebrating nothing but success after last years Sydney Fashion Week show!

All in all, we love you Geoffrey J and cannot wait to sport your Antipodium designs again and again and again!!!

Geoffrey J Finch, Ebony Fleur and yours truly.

See you on the catwalk babes!
Amber Joy

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yes, the sun does shine in Tokyo

Sometimes when I am in Tokyo I forget that the sun shines and the days are just as good as the nights. I know, I know, we are always forced to go hard or go home and they put real truth in Lionel Richie's "All Night Long".

But besides going to get a hot bowl of ramen at 8 am, it is possible to wake up early and live a normal life. Eating meals at regular hours, business meetings, piggy back rides and even stopping to enjoy the scenery...sober and in natural light!

Taking Frida Beyonce Gold, my new BFF, for a gorgeous walk!

A little business meeting in niche / ilil with Roxi

Waffle fish are the best. Not sure what they are actually called, and Waffle Fish sounds gross, but a pancake sandwich filled with custard and red beans!


Piggy back rides are hilarious. Dont know if you remember that or not!

mmmmm mmmmm! Nothing like a home sukiyaki party! Taking this deliciousness and dipping it in raw eggg! おいしい!!!

So, I realize this is getting into the evening, and not necessarily Tokyo days, but it is always considered an early night if you make it on to the squishy "salary man sandwich" last train.

Thank you Chaki and Yoshirotten for waving that suga daddy cash money around and treating us to some nice nihonshu (hot sake)!

I taught Jo the gay shocker, and I think he is really excited about it!

A smooth uniting of parties. Me, Ebony, Chaki and Yoshirotten were joined by the forces of the Trippples Nippples Jo, Qrea and Yuka (she was taking a business call at this time)

Addidas shop window, Shibuya. Not sure if it is funny or lame?!?!?

Trying to get our model on...not vogue material just yet.

Jo has introduced a new technique in Japan...the explorer that he is!

I am also bringing some new techniques to Japan. Boy, are they glad I came!

So there you have it, some good old fashion day time fun!

amber joy