Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fancy Him and Him and Him and Him!

So I have got to admit. I almost didn't make it to the last Fancy Him in Ni Chome, Tokyo. I had been looking forward to April 4th for so long; ready to work it, shake it, jazz it up and let loose, so I surprised myself when I passed out only a mere hour before the festivities began. eek!

Let me explain myself. I had been drinking since 10am in yoyogi park under the incredible cherry blossoms. By 8 pm I had a large bottle of vodka in my hands. I am not going to admit to drinking it straight all by myself, but I will admit that things got a little hazy and magical! Although I dont remember, we left the park and walked home in the rain. Next thing I know, Ebony is storming into the apartment looking like a million bucks shouting with a shocked tone "Amber Joy, what the hell are you doing? Get up and get dressed! I am grabbing a cab and you had better arrive right after me!" And she was gone. Uuugh, as if I could party I was way too sleepy. So I phoned her to double check whether I actually had to be in attendance, and yes, it was imperative.

I whipped together and outfit. Who knew I would get so much use out of a mesh t-shirt in Tokyo, but it really saved me time and time again! No make-up was canceled out by my decision to sport high heels. Within minutes Magu and I were in a taxi bound for Ni Chome (aka Gay Town).

Me, Magu and mesh T-shirt upon arrival.

Hachi blessed us momentarily, and though he would not have a drink with us in the club, we enjoyed a Chu-Hi outside Sunkus...Gay Towns most happening conbini!

Ebony and Leo just catching up on all the latest gossip. Love it!

E Bone and Detto, the latest edition to the family. The boy has got style AND grace!

We love short shorts!!! And we love him!

I forget your name, but I know your secret nic name...ごめんね! Love you for a few reasons; your jacket, your t-shirt which I just noticed now, your smooth moves on the dance floor and the fact that you look like my baby daddy!

Sanya, we love you! Thanks for the party and thanks for dressing Ebony!

Roxi is in awe of Sonia's smooth grandfather x boxer dance moves. Work it!

Love waking up to a little strobe and a sweaty dance floor!

おいしそ!! Yoshirotten sandwich on white bread!

C'mon Theresa....Pump Up The JAMMMMMMM!

Anita san is too much fun on the decks, all the tired feet in the house were jumping until 5am!

Leon and Qrea doing some synchronized dancing. Spicy!

Boys Boys Boys!!! We love you Yohei and Detto!

Yohei fell asleep just like me, only he slept through his DJ set...oopsies!

Yuya and Tapu enjoying the fresh morning light!

Good Morning!

Time to go home, we were all in desperate need of some serious beauty sleep!!!

Thank God the whirlwind of E bone woke me up, cause I would have missed a fabulous party full of the Gay, the Bold, and the Beautiful. Incredible!


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  1. Ahhhhhhh so fun but makes me miss Tokyo so much it hurts. Love love love the sheer top btw. Amazing.