Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yes, the sun does shine in Tokyo

Sometimes when I am in Tokyo I forget that the sun shines and the days are just as good as the nights. I know, I know, we are always forced to go hard or go home and they put real truth in Lionel Richie's "All Night Long".

But besides going to get a hot bowl of ramen at 8 am, it is possible to wake up early and live a normal life. Eating meals at regular hours, business meetings, piggy back rides and even stopping to enjoy the scenery...sober and in natural light!

Taking Frida Beyonce Gold, my new BFF, for a gorgeous walk!

A little business meeting in niche / ilil with Roxi

Waffle fish are the best. Not sure what they are actually called, and Waffle Fish sounds gross, but a pancake sandwich filled with custard and red beans!


Piggy back rides are hilarious. Dont know if you remember that or not!

mmmmm mmmmm! Nothing like a home sukiyaki party! Taking this deliciousness and dipping it in raw eggg! おいしい!!!

So, I realize this is getting into the evening, and not necessarily Tokyo days, but it is always considered an early night if you make it on to the squishy "salary man sandwich" last train.

Thank you Chaki and Yoshirotten for waving that suga daddy cash money around and treating us to some nice nihonshu (hot sake)!

I taught Jo the gay shocker, and I think he is really excited about it!

A smooth uniting of parties. Me, Ebony, Chaki and Yoshirotten were joined by the forces of the Trippples Nippples Jo, Qrea and Yuka (she was taking a business call at this time)

Addidas shop window, Shibuya. Not sure if it is funny or lame?!?!?

Trying to get our model on...not vogue material just yet.

Jo has introduced a new technique in Japan...the explorer that he is!

I am also bringing some new techniques to Japan. Boy, are they glad I came!

So there you have it, some good old fashion day time fun!

amber joy


  1. i've just spent the last two hours reading back on your blog and i love it!you's are both SO lucky to travel to these places :) oh and i love love love your sunglasses :D

  2. Haha! I love that you love it!!! TOkyo is that place dreams are made of!

  3. ohh so lucky, i wish i was back there. everything in japan is simultaneously funny/lame/strange/beautiful/archaic/modern/cute etc etc

    have you been to Kyoto?

  4. Wonderful pictures, looks like you had a blast! I love Japan and Japanese food...<3