Monday, May 31, 2010


It was sizzling, it was sweaty, it was the beginning of summer here in New York.  And what could be better to do on a hot Memorial Day long weekend than hit up the Dance Africa festival at BAM.

We came on bike, on train and on foot.  And we sweated it out in the hot sun, tried on dresses, danced to all kinds of different beats, ate jerk chicken, made great new friends, drank cane juice and basked in the glory and culture that was oozing out onto the streets.

 One of the most incredible men I have ever come across! Genius style!
What cleanse?
 You are breakin' my heart here. Too cute!
I want to come back in my next life looking like this pretty please!
Living vicariously through Anthony as he made somer serious purchases.  Hello.  Best hat ever?
New friends from all over the place!
I have never seen a girl so happy, or so quiet...after she got her fork and her home style food!

Sweet tamarind....a real sweetie!
um, what's it gonna take to transport everything here to my closet?
Yes Kaiti. Yes!
One of my fav male, yet subtle.
Mr Goodstuff, is that you?
And now for some of my favorite things.....
Essential pantsuit
Michelle Obama Handbag...obviously!
 The most ridiculous thing about this dog was actually its owner's GOLD lipstick.  I need to get some!
I have got two words for you...tropical pizazz!

What a weekend!!!  And what a festival.  I really wish it happened every week!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Drunk As A Dragon

Although the event on Monday night at Macao in NY was actually called the Drunken Dragon, we all left there drunker than any dragons!  Thanks to the gorgeously mixed and mastered exotic drinks, our table was flooding with our favorites...the "Calamity Chang," "Lovee Long Time" and of course the knockout mixing of champagne and absinthe, aka "The Dangerkat".  Needless to say, by the end of the night we were all telling each other just how much we love one another.
 The Gorgeous Kaiti Dangerkat and Matthew Chiu...our fav NYC movers and SHAKERS!
Matthew dancing on the bar.

After we came out of the haze of our hangovers, we were able to remember just about everything that happened.  Every little thing impressed; from the table service catering, to the ambiance, to the costumes.  But not surprisingly, the dancers stole the show.  Our gorgeous friend Kaiti Dangerkat organized the entertainment and the show put on by the House of Dangerkat dancers was epic.  These dancers ruled the evening and had everyone standing on table, doing chin ups and screaming for more! 
 The scene of the crime...
The culprits...Ebony, Craig, Thomas and Jenny all looking for trouble
I didn't lie...we were literally doing chin ups above our table (oops!)
After the show...some backstage bonding.
Circus runaways? Circus runway?
Oli and Gio aka Jelly Jells, new found besties!

Our lady of the night....Miss Dangerkat
Recently Kaiti and Matthew did some incredible modeling for us at Make we wanted to say Thank You and help them celebrate their big night with a lil MB lovin'!

Thanks for one of the best nights in a long time!!!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Darcel Never Disappoints

What is better than a cynical friend?  A cynical friend with so much talent, it blows our minds.  Craig Redman, the genius designer behind our favorite character Darcel, jetted off to Paris last month to show those stylish Parisians what he's got.  With an incredible solo show at Colette, this guy is one to be watched... even Mr. Karl Lagerfeld thinks so!

If you don't already follow this "egg on legs" you should definitely check out his Darcel Disappoints blog.  Just when you think you are having a bad day, sometimes there is nothing better than spying on someone else who is having a worse one.

For this same show, Darcel collaborated with Ebony's main man, Oli Chang, to release a series of short "Disappointing Moments" videos. Check out one below.  Genius.

Thanks for your frown Darcel, you always manage to turn our frowns upside down!


p.s. If you are in paris be sure to pop into Colette.  The Darcel show is up until the 29th of May... you will not be disappointed!