Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Never Grow Up! No Matter What.

What's the secret to life? I don't know.  Even if I did I couldn't tell you cause then it wouldn't be a secret anymore.   And I am not a big mouth.  All that I know is being goofy and having fun is essential. And not a day should ever go by without laughing to the point of some kind of deleriousness.

So that is why I constantly dream of amusement parks, ice cream and screaming on thrilling coasters.  Just before I had to say goodbye to Tokyo this time, me and my friend Magu snuck away to the base of Mount Fuji to one of my favorite places in the world....Fuji Q Highlands!!!!
Oh Fuji san, so glorious! 
I realize that I look like the big kid and Magu looks awfully serious.  But it is just that he takes his jetcoasters very serious.  No joking around.
Eejanaika....feels a little like getting beat up for your lunch money, but the thrill is worth the pain!
And then a break to kick it with my new friends!
 Love the sushi games!  Though not entirely sure how they work???
Fujiyama...love of my life!

And after this little adventure, I couldn't shake my craving to ride more coasters.  So I headed to the centre of Tokyo to ride one of my classic favorites...Thunder Dolphin!

Everyone who knows us gals knows that we live for the fun stuff.   We are big kids and we will forever value the thrill of a rollercoaster.  When Ebony and I lived in Tokyo, we used to ride our bikes down to Tokyo Dome on a Saturday morning and ride the amazing Thunder Dolphin...
 Waaaaoh!  I can almost feel the wind in my hair and the shriek in my voice! 

Until the next time...xoxo

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Theo Adams + Louis Vuitton

Everyone says that "Love Hotels" are the best hotels in Tokyo to keep you fully entertained and satisfied.  This is generally true, however last week the geniuses from the London based Theo Adams Company came and paired up with Louis Vuitton to make magic.  The magic that they made came in the form of a HOTEL.  It was an incredible party that was slightly based on the big LV party in London earlier this year.  But the difference here is that Theo Adams' show (never to be imitated) and David White's golden design touch made it better than any other!
From elevators that took you nowhere except to sparkling dead ends where you were serenaded by divas and gospel choirs, to luggage rooms with eeery dancers and trapeize artists hanging from the rafters along with Louis' Leather, to a replica of the original Louis Vuitton store, incredible singers and a string quartet, a silent disco with performance, kawaii Harajuku girls taking your photo...only to have it broadcast in the big party room where more real magic happened.
Best moment of my life...a gospel chior jumping into the elevator singing Ain't No Mountain High Enough!
The most genius elevator man....literally!  He used to be a Dean at Parsons, NYC
Mademoiselle Yulia and our favorite elevator man!
Moshi Moshi, Yoruko Banzai desu.
We musn't forget the peep-show style hotel room where we could spy on stunning models trying on the latest Vuitton collections in a glimmering gold room.  And in true Paris Texas peep-show form, we pervs had a phone to call the models and ask what we may.  Later that night, the room was swapped over into the suite of the star of the show...none other than the gorgeous Gwendoline Christie...
The show on the main stage changed my life.  I really forgot who I was and where I came from while I was entertained and serenaded by the best of the best....Ladies and Gentlemen....The Theo Adams Comapany!
Sonoya was incredible!!!  And we were so surprised to see her in the show!
Theo, you changed my life!
Oh yeah, and then Sister Sledge came out to perform a few classics and we screamed so hard back at them, that they invited us on stage to give a little helping hand for my fav..."We Are Family".

There were floors of fun and of course champagne flooding our heads.  It was one of the best nights in my life spent with some of my very best friends!  As the night toned down, we sached across the big dance floor with silver fans in hand dancing like wild gypsys.
We are family!

Amongst the heaps of incredible emotions, what was the highlight you ask???

Well it was heading back up to the silent disco when it was quieting down and all that was left was the all black room, disco ball hanging in the middle and plush caramel leather headphones hanging from the ceiling.  Then we danced and the sweat began to pour.  There were a few different sound tracks, so while I was grinding down to Beyonce, next to me Rachel was screaming along to some party anthem, while others had a more classical flavor.  No matter what was playing in our headphones, screams and laughter were pumping out of us!

Wooooah!  This night is going down in history!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Friday Night Full of Kanye and Nippples!

It was meant to be a quiet weekend in Tokyo, as it was the only weekend where I could feasibly be in bed before 2am every night.  A very difficult thing to do in a city that actually never sleeps.  But an uneventful weekend quickly warped into on of the best Friday Nights of my life….
Yulia, Sachiko and Jo on our charriot for the evening...
Kanye West was hosting a super secret showing of his new unreleased film "Runaway".  It was essentially a 40 minute music video for all the tracks on his new album to be released next month.  After he gave a quick introduction for the film in an old movie theatre in a strange location in Tokyo, Kanye took his seat in front of me and then turned around to say "what's up?" to me.  And as the lights went down, I smiled and felt a little star struck.  It was awesome watching him get into his own beats in the opening scene.  The old school, non computerized explosions and the ballerinas were definitely my highlights and there were a few amazing tracks that upped my respect for Mr. West once again.
After the Q&A, where I actually asked a question and could feel my voice quiver as all the coolest B-boys in Tokyo turned to look at me, we hung in the lobby chatting.  Kanye came and talked to us for a while and it was refreshing to hear is views on inspiration and criticism, as well as how good he was at taking a few jokes I jabbed at him.
Mademoiselle Yulia, Kanye West and me (Amber Joy)

The new Kanye vinyl that he hadn't even seen yet!

As everyone scattered format he theater, I rushed to Shibuya to see my friends filming a music video / documentary in a Kareoke booth.  The Trippple Nippples are some of our best friends in Tokyo, and I have witnessed enough of their shows to know I was in for a magical experience.  Once I finally found the kareoke place on a loud dirty street, I wandered up to the 4th floor.  Like Hansel and Gretel's trail of bread crumbs, I found a trail of feathers and knew I was in the right place.  As I walked up to room 403, I opened the door and sweat, smoke, flour, and feathers poured out. 
The small room was packed with about 30 people screaming and dancing a sweaty dance to the infectious performance given by Yuka and Qrea
Yuka and Qrea Nippple after the shocker of a show!
 The gentlemen geniuses behind the Nippples, Jo and Jim, couldn't have looked better in their fuzzy bear heads.
The Trippple Nippples have been on the Tokyo scene for a few years now, and have performed in China, Korea, Japan and Sydney.  There are some big things brewing for these Nippples, so look out for them…a Trippple Nippples show should never be missed!   In fact, as I left the sweaty slimy Kareoke booth, I almost forgot that just hours earlier I had been hanging with Kanye.

Just another Friday night in Tokyo…..

Oh yeah.  P.S.  This is what I wore...
Before I left my hood I went to Garter (my favortie place in the world) for find something to wear.  The lovely Koshiro let me borrow this killer Garter jacket and after too many compliments (even from Mr. West) than are good for a girl, I obviously had to have it.   A borrow turns into a buy!  Thanks Koshiro!  x