Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Friday Night Full of Kanye and Nippples!

It was meant to be a quiet weekend in Tokyo, as it was the only weekend where I could feasibly be in bed before 2am every night.  A very difficult thing to do in a city that actually never sleeps.  But an uneventful weekend quickly warped into on of the best Friday Nights of my life….
Yulia, Sachiko and Jo on our charriot for the evening...
Kanye West was hosting a super secret showing of his new unreleased film "Runaway".  It was essentially a 40 minute music video for all the tracks on his new album to be released next month.  After he gave a quick introduction for the film in an old movie theatre in a strange location in Tokyo, Kanye took his seat in front of me and then turned around to say "what's up?" to me.  And as the lights went down, I smiled and felt a little star struck.  It was awesome watching him get into his own beats in the opening scene.  The old school, non computerized explosions and the ballerinas were definitely my highlights and there were a few amazing tracks that upped my respect for Mr. West once again.
After the Q&A, where I actually asked a question and could feel my voice quiver as all the coolest B-boys in Tokyo turned to look at me, we hung in the lobby chatting.  Kanye came and talked to us for a while and it was refreshing to hear is views on inspiration and criticism, as well as how good he was at taking a few jokes I jabbed at him.
Mademoiselle Yulia, Kanye West and me (Amber Joy)

The new Kanye vinyl that he hadn't even seen yet!

As everyone scattered format he theater, I rushed to Shibuya to see my friends filming a music video / documentary in a Kareoke booth.  The Trippple Nippples are some of our best friends in Tokyo, and I have witnessed enough of their shows to know I was in for a magical experience.  Once I finally found the kareoke place on a loud dirty street, I wandered up to the 4th floor.  Like Hansel and Gretel's trail of bread crumbs, I found a trail of feathers and knew I was in the right place.  As I walked up to room 403, I opened the door and sweat, smoke, flour, and feathers poured out. 
The small room was packed with about 30 people screaming and dancing a sweaty dance to the infectious performance given by Yuka and Qrea
Yuka and Qrea Nippple after the shocker of a show!
 The gentlemen geniuses behind the Nippples, Jo and Jim, couldn't have looked better in their fuzzy bear heads.
The Trippple Nippples have been on the Tokyo scene for a few years now, and have performed in China, Korea, Japan and Sydney.  There are some big things brewing for these Nippples, so look out for them…a Trippple Nippples show should never be missed!   In fact, as I left the sweaty slimy Kareoke booth, I almost forgot that just hours earlier I had been hanging with Kanye.

Just another Friday night in Tokyo…..

Oh yeah.  P.S.  This is what I wore...
Before I left my hood I went to Garter (my favortie place in the world) for find something to wear.  The lovely Koshiro let me borrow this killer Garter jacket and after too many compliments (even from Mr. West) than are good for a girl, I obviously had to have it.   A borrow turns into a buy!  Thanks Koshiro!  x

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