Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fancy a Fancy Him Family Reunion?

It was Saturday night in Tokyo's Ni-Chome, and the streets were packed.  The heart of gay town was buzzing with drunkards and drag queens as we were reunited with old friends made in this crazy city over the years.  Fancy Him is one of Tokyo's most renoun parties which definitely lives up to all the hype.   It was their 5 year anniversary and we celebrated in style....
 Two of my best besties! Rachel ilil and Soni laughing in the streets!
 The Amazing Madoka Gwns and Shunsuke.....Madoka's hair mask was shockingly incredible and felt like she wasn't even there cause we never got to see that gorgeous smile!
 Lovely Leo wearing somthing more incredible than can be described....and I am sure the genius that he is made it himself!
 Real Men.  DJs Kosuke Adam and Detto K were there to provide some of the best dance beats, and Jonte (center), well Jonte was there to shine!  He didn't perform for this occasion, but in the past he performed at Fancy Him and it was incredible!!!! Watch it here.
 I love that fact that parents wanted to come out and join in the fun too.  They had read about Fancy Him and wanted to see what it was about!
Papa owns a pet store!
Roxi + Detto K
 Koshiro wearing Betty Boop.... his shop Garter is my favorite place in the world!  Seriously, no store with better style!  I die for Boutique Koshiro!!!
 Everyone is rocking Matsumira san style.....bum bags mean a serious night out!
 Me and Leo....Africa Amber Joy and Leopard Leo!
 The gorgeous Peli on deck!
 Qrea (Trippple Nippples) and Tap (Fancy Him)
Anita san and Magu!
 Things start getting a little crazy back outside
The birthday boy sporting the latest and greatest Banzai tank. 

I remember the first Fancy Him I went to just about 5 years ago....It was magical.  No matter how many ears go by, I will always remember laughing and dancing in the streets, drinking outside of Sunkus and then hitting the dance floor and shouting "One More" at DJ Anita San at 5 am as the sun rises outside and the glitter falls inside.

We ♡ you forever and always Fancy Him!!!!


  1. Wow, this looks just like the old days, everyone is there. And are they Yohei's parents???

  2. Haha! No, they aren't Yohey's parents, but Yuri's. I think they loved Yohey tho!
    Come to TOkyo for a visit!!!!