Monday, September 27, 2010

Hermes Days

I met my friends Dan and Joe in Yoyogi Park to enjoy the last real hot day of Tokyo summer (though we didn't know it then).  As the sun went down in the the park, we did our best to freshen up and get ready for an Hermes party that our friends The Akimoto family were throwing.  
 When we strolled up to Omotesando Hills, a big posh shopping center between Harajuku and Aoyama, we were ready for a little party in the Hermes shop.  Little did we know, Hermes was doing it right and was hosting the party in the entire Omotesando Hills....a gigantic spiral of fashion.
 The Oh So Lovely Akimoto family...Yu, Go and Kozue.
 Joe and Yu hanging "backstage"....which was actually out in the open for everyone to see, so it was more like "frontstage" with an orange rope separating the models from the masses.
 Hermes Orange Everywhere....
 We spent the evening laughing, drinking champagne, eating chocolate covered pretzles and playing in purikura booths.  Some good old fashioned fun with my friends was the best way to start a lovely long weekend...
Moustache braids!
 Amazingly dangerous and amazingly incredible footwork!
 Furry feet!
 Don't cross the Akimoto sisters...or they will cross you!
Thanks for a great evening Hermes!!!  
We love you!  xoxo