Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Harajuku in 3-D

Last Saturday in Harajuku, the legendary fashion spot Laforet saw a whole lot of action!  Harajuku in 3-D was a masterpiece put together by some amazing people doing incredible things on the scene here in Tokyo.  So I was just delighted to be able to assist styling and help out ensuring things ran smoothly at the event which had Meiji Dori buzzing.
 These creepers and Barbie bracelets had me wishing I was a little girl again!  Kawaii!
Playing around with possibility
Oh, the controversy of this little guy...glad we got to use him!
Lots of things were happening inside, while we scrambled around getting a last minute pair of boots.
I wish I could try this on my hair, but I am pretty sure it would take a lifetime to do
The models getting wrapped in black capes.  Then they would cruise up the street to the light box which is where they dressed before hitting the stage.
Born Ready!
Eat your heart out ladies, Detto K is the man of the hour
Cue dance party on stage to the the banging beats supplied by Mademoiselle Yulia!
The boys are backstage!
One last look at that amazing stuffed animal!  Raaawrr!
Feeling the wrath of the big YEAH party the night before, we all came and conquered and had a blast doing so.  I cannot wait to work with all my friends again...these are always the best collaborations!

Check out Tokyo Dandy's amazing coverage of the event here.

Styling: Joe (Tokyo Dandy)
Assistant: Amber Joy (Make Believe) - that's moi!
Photographer: Dan (Tokyo Dandy) - clearly these shots here are not taken by him...just little ol me took these!
Art Direction: RALPH aka Yoshirotten
DJ: Mademoiselle Yulia
Models: Tanc, Hiroki Kaminaga, Detto K, Maho, Fuyuri, Sono

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  1. Nice shots, looks like a lot of fun!