Thursday, September 16, 2010

Top Me Up Top Shop!

Nothing better to do on a rainy Wednesday night in Tokyo than head to Shinjuku's gigantic Top Man store, drink champagne, enjoy live music and mingle with friends.  Well, I sure couldnt think of anything better, and with fashion party season in full swing, my blood was aching for more booze....champagne to be exact.  Champagne has become a regular part of my diet, and my old self who used to claim that it gave me headaches is long gone.  Now I love to let the Moet floooooowwwwwww!

Live music was provied by Rox and later on in the eve Carl Barat (former Libertines member).  I think both sets were well received, but I will be the first to admit that when seeing live music in a shop that is buzzing with tipsy party goers and blazing fluorescent lights, I have the attention span of a hyper-active teenager.   Forgive me and my lack of attention span.

  The who's who in Tokyo were all ushered to the line of fire
Our main men Dan and Jo from Tokyo Dandy
The lovely Yuya Nara and Sachiko from Shima who later stepped in as the evenings impromptu make-up artists
Our gorgeous long time friend Mademoiselle Yulia
Verbal and Yoon of Ambushed were debuting their collaboration with Top Man.  The result is incredible!  Be sure to check it out here...
 Carl Barat signing Yulia's Jeremy Scott bag...oh how so many worlds collide!
 I leave Tokyo for what must of been 9 months and Daruma (Dex Pistols & Roc Star) and his lovely wife went and had a gorgeous baby!  Amazing!

And for those of us who were not ready to settle down, it was time for more fun
 But as the booze ran dry, we all went a little wacky and hit the make up department.  A bit too much to drink and nothing to do caused party goers to get a little "creative"...
Yoon working on Kosuke Adam's gorgeous face
Jealous Dan?
And so everyone wanted in on the fun....

Thanks Top Shop for a lovely evening, and an even bigger THANK YOU for coming out with your new line of make really offers hours of entertainment!

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  1. running a mock in a shop on moet. honay so good