Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Magic Doesn't Stop!

So we just had a big sample sale and all the pieces flew out of our studio at the speed of light and we can officially say the Petal to the Metal collection is no longer in production.  But please do not fret!!!  There are a lot of mystical things happening behind the gates at Make Believe.  

Thanks for being patient as we brew up some new incredible treats to feast your eyes on!!!
In the mean time, if you are board and need a dose of adventure away from  your world, check out Amber Joy's adventures in Tokyo here...


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Never Sayonara! It's Always See You Soon!

Hey friends and lovers!  ひさしぶり! Translation: Long time no see!

Sorry our blog has been on a bit of a hiatus!  It has been an insane year in so many freaky ways, I just don't know where to begin.  Big changes happened under our feet whether we wanted them to or not...from Ebony shattering her big toe and being told they had to amputate (didn't end up happening), to our wild journeys in China last summer, to moving studios, to trying to stay sane....a long distance best-friendship is not the easiest way to be best friends!  Just wish we were better swimmers so Ebony and I could be together way more often than we have been in the past 365 days.

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but I say distance makes my heart miss you more!

Today I am in Tokyo, thinking about Ebony who is making her way from London to Paris with our infamous Gay Dad.  I guess it is what we do, it is what makes us the princesses of the Land of Make Believe.  We gallivant,  make friends and hunt for beauty and surprise all over the globe.

Until next time we meet again, here's a lil walk down memory lane....

I'm on a boat man!
Tokyo family reunion!
Make Believe Breaking News
With 1 of our absolute faves....Mr. G.J. Finch of Ant!podium
Matsuri Mamas!
More Make Believe News
Smarter than we look
Disco Magic
Mother & Daughter, Germany 1952
Spring Babies
Wire...the site of too many memories to recall them all
Double Denim.  aka Canadian Tuxedo.
a lil slice of heaven
It's never "Sayonara", it's always "See you soon!"


Amber & Ebony

Monday, March 21, 2011

One Love. One Nippon.

If you find yourself in the enchanting hub of Tokyo this weekend, please join our friends at Tokyo Dandy for their big fundraiser event.  It is an amazing time to come together with a gorgeous community and make a big difference for the country we love so much...Japan!

Good Friends and Big Hearts are coming together to pile up supplies and necessitites to help the beautiful beings who were effected by the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Northern Japan.  Bring 3 items to donate to Second Harvest, who will deliver the goods to those in need.  See what can be donated here.
Where:Trump Room
Open:23:00 – 5:00
**The list of gorgeous DJs who have all pitched in to help was just can be assured that our Tokyo Family will come together and the entertainment will be a reminder of why we all love this city so damn much! ♥♥♥

The strong sense of community, love and respect for one another in Japan is amazingly beautiful and it makes me love the country unconditionally.  

I believe that no one person can change the world, but together we can do anything!  So together, let's do all that we can (and then some more) for all of the beings in the world suffering and living in fear.  May every being feel love, warmth, strength, and community.

One Love.  One Nippon.  ♥

Amber Joy & Ebony Fleur

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Helping You Help Japan - One Love!

I have lived all over the world and I have always said that Japan is my home away from home.  It is magnificently gorgeous country filled with people who have the most beautiful spirits.  It is a safe and warm place that has always welcomed me and shown me more community and love than I have ever known.  As the wrath of last weeks earthquake and tsunami breaks my heart, I know that we can come together to make a difference.  So please take time to look at how you can help and take time to send healing and positive thoughts to Northern Japan, as that is who needs it most.

I have put together a list of ways that you and your families and friends can help Japan's….people, economy, pets and spirit!

  • Second Harvest is taking care of the people who have suffered from the devastating effects of last weeks earthquake.
          To send food and supplies to the area in need
          Send donations to Second Harvest
  • I  believe that all beings are equal, and the animal suffering need to be rescued and cared for, just as the people do.  Pets are part of our families, they are our children.
          Read about the animals
          Help the animals         
          Help the animals - Japanese site
  • Apple is also Dedicating Resources to the crisis in Japan
  • iTunes has created a simple iTunes donation page that makes it simple to donate anywhere from $5 to $200 to the Red Cross with just a few clicks.
    •    Canadian Red Cross

Please be smart and very conscious about what you hear.  Do not be fooled by the media who is on its way to creating a Hollywood film from the disaster. 

Do Not believe everything you read and see. 
Believe that people are suffering
Believe that the community is being strong and people are coming together to help each other
Believe that no one person can do it alone, but together we can make the biggest difference!

This is a fantastic blog post that my good friend Dan from Tokyo Dandy has written, and I stand by him in his efforts to direct the concern and prayers to the North of Japan, to those who are truly suffering.

One Love! ♥

Amber Joy & Ebony Fleur

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wined, Dined and Valentined

I always think it is a little bit funny that on Valentine's Day in Japan girls give chocolates to boys and more specifically, office ladies give chocolates to their co-workers.  So while many ladies around the world are getting showered with roses and being wined and dined and valentined, the ladies in Japan are giving heart shaped boxes of chocolates away.
 However, I have learned that if Valentine's Day happens to fall on a Sunday, women need not feel obligated to give because it's a holiday and they won't even be at the office.  Snap!  I also learned that when someone really doesn't want to give away a sweet Valentine surprise, they call it "giri-choko" meaning "obligation chocolate".  So seeing as this year Valentine's is on a Monday, I am sure there is a lot of cheap insincere chocolate floating around the offices in Japan!
 On the brighter side, I really do hope there is some love in the air today so that the boys are getting "honmei-choco" too... aka "Chocolate of Love" or the "true feeling chocolate".  I bet those chocolates taste much better!
Psssst:  If anyone doesn't want their chocolate....please send it this way!
 Not to get ahead of myself and just so no one thinks this is unfair, don't you worry ladies, you get chocolate treats in return on March 14th, "White Day".  And the best part about this special day is that we can expect more than just chocolate....this is where the men roll out the big guns.  The term "sanbai gaeshi" is used, which means "three times the return".  They say good things come to those who wait, and by waiting til March 14th.....the good things will most likely come in the form of cookies, jewelry, lingerie, white chocolate and marshmallows!  Oh My!

To get in the mood for love on this lovey dovey is a heartwarming song about sweet Valentine's Kisses from Japan....

So on this chocolately romantic day we send u almost revolting amounts of love and kisses!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I wanna go Higher!

If you have been following Ebony and I at Make Believe for a long time, you will know that we have dabbled in the music world.  Sounds a little crazy I know, but with the help of our favorite musical wizard Oli Chang, we were able to make some fun dancefloor magic.

We have put down the mics and left music to the pros lately, but Oli continues to blaze on, and his band the High Highs are making HUGE waves in NYC and all around the world!

This post is a little tribute to Oli, Jack and Zach of the High Highs, and a little gift for our readers ears.  I know you are gonna love what you hear.  Perfect for a cozy winter afternoon...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

In need of a home...

When one is looking for a home, all the sudden everyone else's dwellings begin to seem so inviting and worthy of jealousy.  I have lived in 30 different homes and I am still under 30 years old!  Sounds kind of insane, but it doesn't actually feel that weird.  I am a mover.  I have been doing it all my life and I must say that I am getting damn good at it.  However there are times when all you want is a cozy place to rest your head, a place that is your own.

One of my very favorite homes I have ever lived in was in Zoshigaya in Tokyo.  It's is the place where Ebony and I met.  She met me in the graveyard near her house in Tokyo to show me her spare room for rent.  Who knew that we would warp into Ambony!?!?!

 A walk through a eerily magical graveyard...
 ...takes you to a small hidden little pathway....
...which leads you up to one amazing old Japanese house, we liked to call HOME!
Old sliding doors and tatami floors...
 A bathroom so small you couldn't even shut the door all the way when u were sitting down on the floor toilet.  Guess it would have been easier if we weren't such gigantic gaijins.

So until I find a home, I will keep fantasizing about my dream home....a combo of many of the places I have laid my head to rest, and many places I have yet to visit.

Amber Joy