Thursday, January 27, 2011

In need of a home...

When one is looking for a home, all the sudden everyone else's dwellings begin to seem so inviting and worthy of jealousy.  I have lived in 30 different homes and I am still under 30 years old!  Sounds kind of insane, but it doesn't actually feel that weird.  I am a mover.  I have been doing it all my life and I must say that I am getting damn good at it.  However there are times when all you want is a cozy place to rest your head, a place that is your own.

One of my very favorite homes I have ever lived in was in Zoshigaya in Tokyo.  It's is the place where Ebony and I met.  She met me in the graveyard near her house in Tokyo to show me her spare room for rent.  Who knew that we would warp into Ambony!?!?!

 A walk through a eerily magical graveyard...
 ...takes you to a small hidden little pathway....
...which leads you up to one amazing old Japanese house, we liked to call HOME!
Old sliding doors and tatami floors...
 A bathroom so small you couldn't even shut the door all the way when u were sitting down on the floor toilet.  Guess it would have been easier if we weren't such gigantic gaijins.

So until I find a home, I will keep fantasizing about my dream home....a combo of many of the places I have laid my head to rest, and many places I have yet to visit.

Amber Joy


  1. You have a home here in Sydders. Come back xxxxxxxxx

  2. we have a home with rasta kitchen. and we love to have you in it. home is where your heart is. Shine bright miss. Joy. Your heart is here!! XO