Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Never Grow Up! No Matter What.

What's the secret to life? I don't know.  Even if I did I couldn't tell you cause then it wouldn't be a secret anymore.   And I am not a big mouth.  All that I know is being goofy and having fun is essential. And not a day should ever go by without laughing to the point of some kind of deleriousness.

So that is why I constantly dream of amusement parks, ice cream and screaming on thrilling coasters.  Just before I had to say goodbye to Tokyo this time, me and my friend Magu snuck away to the base of Mount Fuji to one of my favorite places in the world....Fuji Q Highlands!!!!
Oh Fuji san, so glorious! 
I realize that I look like the big kid and Magu looks awfully serious.  But it is just that he takes his jetcoasters very serious.  No joking around.
Eejanaika....feels a little like getting beat up for your lunch money, but the thrill is worth the pain!
And then a break to kick it with my new friends!
 Love the sushi games!  Though not entirely sure how they work???
Fujiyama...love of my life!

And after this little adventure, I couldn't shake my craving to ride more coasters.  So I headed to the centre of Tokyo to ride one of my classic favorites...Thunder Dolphin!

Everyone who knows us gals knows that we live for the fun stuff.   We are big kids and we will forever value the thrill of a rollercoaster.  When Ebony and I lived in Tokyo, we used to ride our bikes down to Tokyo Dome on a Saturday morning and ride the amazing Thunder Dolphin...
 Waaaaoh!  I can almost feel the wind in my hair and the shriek in my voice! 

Until the next time...xoxo

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