Thursday, March 17, 2011

Helping You Help Japan - One Love!

I have lived all over the world and I have always said that Japan is my home away from home.  It is magnificently gorgeous country filled with people who have the most beautiful spirits.  It is a safe and warm place that has always welcomed me and shown me more community and love than I have ever known.  As the wrath of last weeks earthquake and tsunami breaks my heart, I know that we can come together to make a difference.  So please take time to look at how you can help and take time to send healing and positive thoughts to Northern Japan, as that is who needs it most.

I have put together a list of ways that you and your families and friends can help Japan's….people, economy, pets and spirit!

  • Second Harvest is taking care of the people who have suffered from the devastating effects of last weeks earthquake.
          To send food and supplies to the area in need
          Send donations to Second Harvest
  • I  believe that all beings are equal, and the animal suffering need to be rescued and cared for, just as the people do.  Pets are part of our families, they are our children.
          Read about the animals
          Help the animals         
          Help the animals - Japanese site
  • Apple is also Dedicating Resources to the crisis in Japan
  • iTunes has created a simple iTunes donation page that makes it simple to donate anywhere from $5 to $200 to the Red Cross with just a few clicks.
    •    Canadian Red Cross

Please be smart and very conscious about what you hear.  Do not be fooled by the media who is on its way to creating a Hollywood film from the disaster. 

Do Not believe everything you read and see. 
Believe that people are suffering
Believe that the community is being strong and people are coming together to help each other
Believe that no one person can do it alone, but together we can make the biggest difference!

This is a fantastic blog post that my good friend Dan from Tokyo Dandy has written, and I stand by him in his efforts to direct the concern and prayers to the North of Japan, to those who are truly suffering.

One Love! ♥

Amber Joy & Ebony Fleur

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