Monday, April 13, 2009

Reunited and It Feels So Good feat The Trippple Nippples

It was 4am on friday morning and Ebony and I were beginning to realize that sleep was not something that we would be doing much of this year. Our flight was scheduled to take us from Sydney to Tokyo in just a few hours and we were in the final stretch of packing and preparing for our Make Believe launch in Tokyo. Ahhhhh! All I can remember of that blurr was actually forgetting to put on my pants after taking a shower just before the taxi arrived, and calling Ebony "Sweetie Pants" as a pet name. Strange.

Oh and we were traveling with child. This is Uncle Oli with my Baby, Chaki Junior, on his way to meet his Dad Chaki for the first time....Airports are more fun with babies!!!

We managed to stay awake long enough to get on that plane! Trying to sleep was a challenge as excitement ran through my veins! It was going to be such a sweet sweet reunion in Tokyo!

We landed and went straight into the genki drinks followed by red bull and vodka! Can we say heart palpitations??? Met everyone at ampm (still my favorite convenience store) and headed to Le Baron.

On the way to the club, Roxi somehow transformed into a little black furry character from a Ghibli animation! What a special little guy!

Arriving at Le Baron, I hadn't seen Yuka since Tokyo last summer and Qrea since Paris last spring, so you can imagine my delight when I saw the Trippple Nippples coming into Le Baron at the same time! eeeek! Reunited and it feels so goood!!!

The best thing about it was seeing them wearing off-kilter tutus with polka dot knickers, braids spiked to the ceiling and eyelashes all over the place! This is what the Trippple Nippples are all about...shocking sexy insanity!!!

And their show was nothing less than incredible! Sprawling out over the strippers pole pedistal, shooting off fireworks of ribbon and rapping about ice cream and meat! The Trippples Nippples have something hidden up their sleeves (if they were ever wearing shirts) and we are all about to see what will happen next! oooooohhhie!

Ebony and me getting all tangled up with our girls....

Remember Zima from Waynes World??? All good things that have been forgotten at home still live on in Tokyo...and this is why we heart Japan!!! A little random i know!

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