Sunday, April 19, 2009

Antipodium We Love You!!!

The first time I was so lucky to meet mister Geoffrey J Finch, designer of Antipodium, was a few years back on a mild autumn evening in the sparkling city of Tokyo. All it took were a few shared dirty jokes, delicious sashimi, a mutual friend named DJ Bush Pig, and we were sipping Moet in the streets of Shibuya. We all know what happens when you mix champagne with pleasure, you wind up doing crazy things. Before i knew it, we were in Tokyo's gay district of Ni-Chome dancing on fountains and causing a real kafuffle. Ever since meeting Mister Finch, this has become our trend. It is what we both do best, cause a kafuffle, so imagine the two forces of Geoffrey J and Ambony....we always create sparks!!!

And sparks will definitely fly next week as Antipodium hits the runway for Sydney Fashion week. Geoffrey J. Finch (Creative Director), Ashe Peacock (Founder) and her sister Fenella have been working hard to bring us the newest collection for Australia's Spring Summer '09. I am so excited to see what playful sophistication is coming down the catwalk this season. Time and time again, Antipodium gives us independent, deviant and always knowing-what-we-want women styles to swoon over. The current season Potential New Boyfriend makes my mouth water and we at Make Believe cannot wait to see what is in store for next season! The Totally Tarot show hits the runway at the Over Seas Passenger Terminal Tuesday 28th April 5PM.

I have been known to raid the Antipodium closet whenever I can. But you can't blame me, the temptation of Geoffrey J Finch's designs are really more tempting than a tall delicious chocolate cake to a premenstrual gal! So sue me! Here are some of the Antipodium looks that we have fallen in love with in past seasons....

Potential New Boyfriend '09

Friends in Low Places '08

Friends in Low Places '08

No Romance Without Finance '07

Frilled to Meet You '07

Celebrating nothing but success after last years Sydney Fashion Week show!

All in all, we love you Geoffrey J and cannot wait to sport your Antipodium designs again and again and again!!!

Geoffrey J Finch, Ebony Fleur and yours truly.

See you on the catwalk babes!
Amber Joy