Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Make Believe Magical Hanami Party

It was a glorious saturday morning in Tokyo, the sun was shining and the princes and princesses had only been asleep for less than 3 hours. The Kawaii party the night before kept us out late and kept our dancing shoes busting grooves until the wee hours of morning. The time had come to rise up, put on our magical outfits and head to Yoyogi Park to reserve a spot for our big Make Believe hanami party.

For those who do not know Hanami, it is a time when nearly every single person in Japan who is not tied down by work or manga heads to parks, rivers or wherever they can, to sit under the beautiful cherry blossoms that only bloom once a year. And what do you do under the sakura? Eat and drink everything sakura flavored, laugh, dance, eat more, drink more and more and more until everyone is red in the face and every person pic-nic-ing on a tarp around you is your best friend.

Hanami is a magical time, and boy were we feeling magical (note: this feeling can sometimes be confused with the feeling of intoxication).

Thanks to all those who came and shared in the magic and mayhem!

This is the Cherry Blossom Dragon, Frida Beyonce Gold. What fabulous mascot for Hanami '09!

The early risers, and the most serious about blossoms. It was before noon and we were all 2 drinks in....even the dragon!

Dan Baily was telling us all week that the blossoms were in fact "dead in the bud" and they would not bloom this year. Dan you are a liar...but a well dressed liar at that!

A Tokyo family much love, and incredible how we are all so young! Grandpa Jo and Papa Leon and all their offspring....Qrea and Yuka, Sonia and Frida and the boys Magu and Yohei!

Dad and his daughters...he is everything sensible behind Make Believe! Amazing how dad gave birth to Ebony Fleur when he was -3 years old and me when he was the tender age of +3 years.

Yakisoba and Beer and Pringles...Oh my!!!

Along with our dragon mascot, little Momo was the life of the party... She's a wild party animal and we had to hold her down as she was dancing and singing and stealing the show. Auntie Sanya is here taming the little peach!

Some people smoke cigarettes and apparently some eat the boxes...everyone has got a vice. I think i am gonna have to sort mine out. I am not sure whoes is more unhealthy, Yoshiros smoking or my eating of boxes?

Gentlemen Gentlemen. This is a train that all boys and girls wanna ride!
May I introduce, Joseph, Jesus, and Yohei.

I know it was my idea, but I am not sure at which point I decided to get Jo to help me invite the homeless guy to our little party! But nonetheless it was a great idea! Homeless guy was a great party trick, loved hugs and didn't mind Jo swinging him around like a small child.
I dont know why my new homeless friend didnt recognize me the next day?

Mmmmm mmmm. I will have one Ebony Fleur sandwich with a side of Yohei and Yoshirotten おねがいします!

Woahhhhhh! The magic had gotten to all of us! Leon was singing to Ebony and we all needed to head home, take in some R n R and get ready to continue to party all night long......all night.....all night!

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