Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ahhhhhye Should be Ashamed of Myself! feat Gay Bash

I am so so so sorry! ごめんなさい!!!

I cannot believe my own behavior, or lack thereof. It has been over 2 weeks since I blogged and I am in big trouble. Life in the land of Make Believe has been so insane with interviews, and meetings and production....time escaped me.

And now for my final excuse; we went down to Melbourne last weekend for a little business and pleasure and let me tell you, I dipped into the pleasure a little too much. From dumplings, to galleries, to tequilla shooters, to gettin' deep down dirty dancing on the floor, and dancing on benches and DJ booths and wine bottle after wine bottle....lets just say one thing led to another and "POOF" my prized camera is no longer in my possession. grrrrrr!

So, since leaving my camera and my dignity at the infamous Cell Block themed "Gay Bash" party....I have been too ashamed to even think about writing a blog without photos. So I borrowed a few from our friends at Gay Bash....Thank you!!!

We got to the party and could not believe Nick was not even in organizer in a mere t-shirt and jeans. Unacceptable! We threw him behind the DJ booth and proceeded to lock him into a straight jacket and douse him in fake blood, which we are all still washing off!


My two leading ladies...Ebony and Gill with the inmate. I am nowhere to be found...only one photo documented my whereabouts that evening, and I discovered it on Joseph Tenni's cell phone last night. Wonder what on earth I was up to?!?!?!

Fashion Hayley. A true gem! This girl put up with me all night and we are still friends...this world needs more stellar gals just like you!

The best DJs to grace the decks....Jasmine and Miriam were such great party animals and patient cellmates....I cannot even believe what they let me get away with on stage. Me pretending to DJ and be the life of the party, them dancing away. So good!

So there you have it. My secrets and lies. And don't you fret, we will be back at ya before you know it and if I haven't found my camera yet, I will start sketching some incredible pictures of our daily Make Believe adventures!



  1. I didn't even see get to see Nick in his costume :(. I left at 3 cos I was freeeezing and getting sick thanks to being stuck outdoors! I hope your camera turns up, I don't actually know anyone there so I can't do anything, but maybe u can email them?

  2. I am still recovering from your visit! I think if you squeezed me a grape would pop out of my pores. Ew.

    Until next time, lil' sis, and sis-in-law!


  3. haha fashion hayley looks so fkn cool!! actually, so does everyone!!
    i wish i could have come to gay baaaash!!!
    x x x x x