Monday, June 29, 2009

You Light Up My Life

It is winter time here in Sydney, and though this means that it is still warmer than most places in summer, I am getting into the winter spirit. Sometimes the house does get so cold that it actually reminds me of real winters in the great white north (aka motherland) and recently I have even been feeling like Christmas is coming?!?!

Confusing, I know! So whether it be June or January, I am succumbing to this so called "winter" here in Australia and getting into all that she brings. A few weeks ago we went to check out the VIVID light festival that went alongside the music fest that was curated by the one and only Brian Eno. We didnt get to see any of the music, cause we were out of town for most of it, but we did take in some of the bright lights in the big city...

The historic reenactment of a ship catching fire beneath the Harbour bridge.

The MCA lit up in light designs by Yayoi Kusama

Disguised as Gotham city

Oli serenaded us on the baby grand piano which was hooked up to an incredible tea cup light show...magical

And of course, the Opera House has never looked better!

So winter is here and we are ready to drink mulled wine, sit by the fire and go tobogganing! Obviously just joking about the tobogganing, but not the mulled wine and fire!


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