Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Scream. U Scream. We All Scream LINDAZINE!!!

This is the moment you have all been waiting for... Well, the moment was actually last week and maybe some of you didn't even know that you were waiting for it. But I am gonna tell you that a big moment is here!!!

The new Linda/YATT magazine and mix CD put out by Linda Tune, a fabulous little record label in Tokyo, released on June 15, 2009. We are dying of excitement because our debut track "Shape Up" Make Believe vs Oli Chang can be found on the CD along with a page in the zine!!!

Some of the other precious gems bringing their talents to the table include; the lovely Emiko and Takeshi of the Tokyo fashion label Dressed Undressed, our leading lady Roxi from Tokyo cult pop-up shop ilil, of course our ladies Yuka and Qrea and one fine gentleman Jo behind Trippple Nippples, the man we have all been dreaming about since the begining of time Chaki from the Lowbrows, and the one and only magical duo YATT...Takakan and Yoshirotten.

This makes up our Tokyo family and nothing has been more exciting in life than actually bringing all our talents together and releasing such a pretty little package filled with special treats!

So if you are in Tokyo....rush out and pick up the new Linda Zine today...and if you are not in better be jealous! Cause those who have the chance to get their hands on this are the luckiest ducks!!!

Freaking out from excitement and dying from Chaki fever! And to all our Tokyo family...We Love You!!!!!


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