Friday, July 3, 2009

Waffle Fish and Shiso Pepsi and The Best Dad EVER!

I woke up thinking that it was just another sunny saturday morning. But with a knock at the door and a hesitant answer of "who is it?"...thinking it might be the Jehovah's day took a major turn for the best!!

Let me first tell you that Ebony and I have the best Dad in the world who lives in Tokyo. He just happens to be between the two of us girls in age, so that is miraculous...and that is only the beginning. He takes such great care of his girls...even dips into our college funds to help pay for summer fun flights to Tokyo, Sinkansen (bullet train) tickets when we are too hung over to travel by bus and looks out for us in EVERY situation! He is the best man in the whole wide world!

So today, this special thing that was delivered with the early morning knock at the door was a little surprise from our Dad! I could not have ever dreamed up a better gift.....

A home kit for waffel making, and the talk of tokyo...this summers Pepsi flavor; Shiso Pepsi x 2!

Waffel fish is what I call them, but taiyaki is the real name. All you need to know is it's like a crsipy pancake filled with custard or red beans....mmmm mmmm! おいしい!!!

The Shiso Pepsi is cooling in the fridge right now, so we will give you our verdict when they reach the right temperature for consumption!  All I can say is that I hope refreshing is an understatement!!!

Thanks Dad!!!!! Your girls love you more than you know!!!! And we will be seeing you in exactly 1 month!!!


Ambony (amber and ebony)

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  1. Amazingly, I'm actually trying shiso Pepsi for the first time, whilst reading this.
    I think it tastes like Christmas.