Monday, July 27, 2009

Back to the Future

Last Saturday we helped our gorgeous friend Lucy roll over into the tender 25th year of her life! We all gathered in style at an incredible house which was named "House of the Future" in 1965.
The setting....1950-1960....
Ebony and I were mother and daughter for the evening. I cannot even tell you how much I resembled my Oma, and Karl kept telling me that I looked like I was recruiting young people for some new found religion?!?!

Sweet sweet high school romance!

Lucy had her hair done in a posh nanny salon, under one of those hot helmet things. Hair spray was the secret ingredient, and we are wondering if she is still rocking this look days later?!?!

From beehives, to Devils on horseback, jello punch to rainbow cake....we relived the time before our time!

mmm mmmm...Eb serves up the hot pigs in blankets

Karl from Rinzen was a heavenly host, with smooth moves...

Incredible masks and artwork swarmed the house.

Tony and Bob were two of the finest gentlemen of the evening.

Check out that rainbow cake!!! It has inspired us to get back into baking and now we just cannot stop!!!

Karl's moves could contest Snoop Dogg's rhymes anyday! And I must say that I really dont think my Oma could bust a move like me!

The lovely Lyn & Tony showered us with fantastic stories all evening....I love nothing more in life than a good story!

Pardon me, but something tells me that iphones did not exist in the 50s...but maybe they did in the house of the future?!?!?

And we will be seeing you all in the future! Gutted that we will not be in Sydney for the next Futuristic Gay Bash 3000 on Aug 5...but we will be in the future...Tokyo here we come!!!!!!

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