Saturday, August 15, 2009

Power Vacation

There is nothing better in life than a Power Vacation. Ebony and I pride ourselves on our expert techniques and abilities to go-go-go and never sleep while conquering a city!

Last week we went back to Tokyo to take care of business, pleasure and summer fun! From the minute we hit the landing strip in Tokyo, it was sheer insanity. Straight to Roku, our favorite little oden bar in Shibuya, then to Le Baron still with suitcases in tow, for a party by Kaylee Boyer. All it took were a few sweet words to bypass the guestlist and have the staff taking care of our luggage...and before we knew it, we were drinking the finest champage with our bestest friends, dancing to Data Rock on the decks, Shooting tequilla with Yone, orgainizing a Make Believe gift for Lady Gaga and flirting with hot Brazilians! We were unstopable!

Reunited and it feels so goood! Eb with Roxi ilil and Sonia

The Family reunion...Ebony with Takeru from Kawaii Tokyo, our best man Leon and Sanya from Dual Tokyo.
Me and my precious Brother Husband!

Getting organized in the back streets of Shibuya

And of course, the impromptu parking lot under construction photoshoot before skulling our chu his and hitting the club!

mmmm mmmmm good!

I dont even want to know what the photos on his precious camera look like!

Ebony sandwich with a side of Yone (aka Yasumasa Yonehara) and the creamy stuff is Dan Bailey from Tokyo Dandy.

Just a little Data Rock seduction!

And yes, I will admit that Ebony went home like a good girl, while I followed trouble into the back streets. This is the walk home in the morning.

Ebony is looking fresher than she feels at a business lunch the next day with the lovely ladies at Dual.


Ebony and the lovely Sanya

We found Igalliano styling a shoot on Cat Street right behind the Chanel store...she is the raddest girl in Tokyo!!!

Me and Leon walking and shopping off that hang over...damn champagne, mojitos, beer, chu hi and cola shock!

Just some precious little idea what this sandwich board is advertising though?!?!?

And now...get ready for more Tokyo pics and adventures. You simply need to wait a day or two while I get my act together!

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