Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mannequin of My Dreams

I have spent countless hours of my life dressing mannequins and bodyforms, to the point where the sight of the plastic bodies with no souls makes me a little queezy. But that all changed when I snuck downstairs at the pop up shop to see the artwork that was going up for the Happenstance show this week.
What I found in the dark basement of the Artisan Guild & Curiosity shop did not disappoint. It was incredibly sketched, painted and constructed mannequin parts.

Meanwhile, upstairs people were shopping away...
...Mitch the lovely gem from All Of Our Lives was holding down the fort on the shop floor and I came along to show him some of my moves!

This is the brilliant brains and hard work behind the whole operation, Chrissy Hammond. Wearing an All Of our Lives "triple entendre" bowtie and the handsome mannequin to her left is in a 2Lyn&Tony leather scarf and our very own Make Believe rat!

The opening on Thursday was incredible, and the Marsu Homme pop up space is proving to be more and more of a crowd pleaser. If you find yourself in Sydney, definitely head to 263 Oxford Street and dont forget to teeter down the stairs to the basement to check out "Fresh Meet" exhibition put on by the geniuses at Happenstance.

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