Monday, May 4, 2009

Wrap it up, Reign it in!

Wrap it up. Wrap it in. Let me begin. I came to win. Battle me that's a sin.

So fashion week is over in Sydney and it happened so fast, its like I didn't even have time to blink. But somehow we did manage to finish our jewelry collaboration with Antipodium, get it up on the runways at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, have our first interview with Vogue, and finally we got to schmooze with the best of the best at the oh so unforgettable party thrown by Incu, Popfrenzy, Two Thousand and Vice held at the incredible Australian Museum...
Giant whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling was nothing less that incredible!

Myself and Skarlett, the fuck-off drummer you saw live onstage for the Marnie Skillings Fashion Show. Love her!

Me again. This time with the beautiful angel from Dolly Parton heaven, Joseph Tenni, from Chadwick Models.

Such a treat to come across this finely dressed gentleman!

The gorgeous Yvette. Thanks for loving Make Believe so much!

mmmmm. Gotta love a party serving up cold Peroni and individually sized plates of nachos! They went well with the loud music and enormous screen Guitar Hero!

Oli Chang from Theatre of Disco, Geoffrey J Finch of Antipodium and myself.

Ebony with Monika from one of our favorite brands TV, Joel and dont forget Bella in the background.

The following day, Melanie from The Vine came over to check out our studio and glorious backyard where the Make Believe magic happens, then we hit the town and got all sweaty dancing on the cramped dancefloor of a late night record store party....

Ebony and the Lovely Geoffrey J. We are trying to squeeze in as much love as possible before he leaves us again for the Big London Smoke.

Love the wood panneling, but hate that fan. It was so hot in this room, I almost died on the dance floor!

Ambony (aka Amber (me) and Ebony)

Loving this tunes this DJ was playing...obviously we can see by his shirt that he has got quite a bit of Pizazz!

Though it was most comfortable drinking and chatting out the back alley, everyone including Andy Uprock, Chris Vaughan and the lovely Paola had to come in and see what the rage was all about.

Melanie from The Vine and her friends all dressed for success!

Oli Chang and Chris Vaughan...two of the cities finest gentlemen.

And finally, we finished the week by cruising around the city checking out all its beauty with our friends Sanya and Etsuko from Dual Tokyo.
Stopped for some delish treats with the Dual girls who were here from Tokyo for fashion week.

Fancy Rolls-Royce...I really wouldn't mind if I had to sit behind that steering wheel!

Cute! Sanya and Etsuko wearing some of the Make Believe pieces designed for the Antipodium show.

Oh Sydney, sometimes I do love you!

Wouldn't mind sitting being the wheel of this '46 Jag either!

Now it is Monday and we are facing the music. I must admit that things are a little blury after such an intense week, but we are ready to roll on and get our new collection closer to stores near you. Look out world, "Pedal to the Medal" by Make Believe will be available in stores before you know it...and you don't wanna miss this magic!

Amber Joy

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