Friday, May 8, 2009

We Came To Partaaaaaay!

"House Party", oooh those words make me tremble; both with excitement and fear. To host a party at your house can mean so many opportunities or so many consequences. It can be a packed party with all the right faces, mad tunes pumping from the stereo and dance routines to battle such dance floor classics as this scene from Kid N Play's "House Party"...

Or it can come back to haunt you in many different ways. No one shows up, the wrong people show up, the place gets trashed, your parents come home early, or just Weird Science...

Needless to say, we love a good House Party. A chance to let loose and get crazy, as if I ever need to get any crazier!!! Well, let me tell you, last weekend a friend of ours from Tokyo who has just moved into a new house here in Sydney had an Earth Quaker of a Shaker!!! And I will admit that this is the reason I am writing this blog later than planned, and the reason I just cannot seem to get on top of things this week. I am still paying the price for the Moet flowing, sushi eating, undies swimming, all night bonanza! What do you get when you cross a multi multi multi million dollar home on the water, 2 swimming pools, 10,000 candles and one insane party force also known as Ambony??? Mayhem...which is also known as last saturday night!

Here is some evidence, but please....No Judgement!

We are reigning it in now and staying in tonight. See you on the other side.

Amber Joy

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  1. Hey hey.

    Just wrote a blog post (finally) about you guys + Antipodium. Yay.