Wednesday, May 20, 2009

To Asia and Back for Only $22

Let me first tell you a little something about us here at Make Believe. We love Asia. Not exactly sure what it is, but put us in any Asian county, in any restaurant or in any awkward language barrier conversation and we love it! Be it the bright colors, the mystery meat or that fact that you can get anything you ever imagined at almost any time of day. Maybe this isn't true everywhere, but it is something we love about the Asian corner of the world.

Saying all that, you can only imagine the sheer happiness I felt when Ebony took me on the 2.5hr, $22 toll round trip (by car) from Sydney to Cabramatta. I couldn't stop saying, "I love this place.....I seriously need to move here.....look at these panties with a built in zip pocket....can we eat AGAIN!" Heaven!

Since we are working our buts off in Sydney right pumping out the latest jewelry collection 'Petal to the Metal', time does not allow for us to jump on a plane and head into the world of exotic fruit, bartering and sugar cane juice. So instead we have be jumping in the car with magazines and gossip in tow and heading to Vietnamese Land (aka Cabramatta) to do some serious eating and fabric shopping.

I really need to move to Cabramatta!

Amber Joy

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