Sunday, March 28, 2010

Do I look Like a Slot?

Staring at her from across the room, her red lights shimmered and her glossy buttons caught our eye...she was indeed a slot...
Getting distracted in a new city is expected and getting distracted in New York is inevitable.  We were out shopping yesterday and the first thing to catch our eyes was an incredible Japanese slot machine in perfect working condition.  How could we say no to her, looking up at us so lovingly, making us feel so ăȘ぀かし(nostalgic).  So we did what we do best, we made a sound decision and bought the slot machine before we bought anything else.
 Something tells me this is exactly how addictions are formed...


  1. yay genius!!!
    you made the right decision - how much prouder are you for buyin this baby than wasting dosh on yet another 'chair' or 'table'.

  2. You guys are my heroes. Amazing buy. Would have been better if it was a pachine machine though. However you so made the right choice, now when a magazine or The Selby comes to profile your uber cool NY studio it will look suitably uber cool. Love ya and see ya in July xxx