Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Wanna Get Nailed

Ebony and I cannot stop talking about gel nails.  Last time we were in Tokyo, we got our nails did at Peek-a-boo in Harajuku and got totally addicted to nail art.  Now I am staying in Bed Stuy in Brooklyn and every block is home to a nail salon.  Ghetto nails, blinging nails, flower nails....every kind of nail.  I want them all!!!
Mine and Ebony's Japanese gel nails
Perhaps a somewhat different extreme of gel nails in Japan
Totally gorgeous AND totally practical!

While trying to decide where to go in New York for our first set of USA nails, we know where we would go in London...Wah Nails.  Some of my old friends in London are running this new nail salon in Dalston and it looks to be one of the best salons I have seen!
Some of the selection at Wah Nails
420 Kingsland Road, London E8 4AA

But until we make our way over to London, it is time to decide on where to get my American nails...

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  1. All the nails are so creative and insane!


    Love the blog.