Friday, March 19, 2010

Scenester Sandwiches Served at the McGinley Opening

Last night I buttoned up my flashiest blouse and slapped on almost too much red lipstick and headed to the same place all the coolest kids in New York City were headed...Team gallery for the Ryan McGinley opening "Everybody Knows this is Nowhere."  It was like Grand Street in Soho between Wooster and Greene had a rubber stopper shoved in it, only there was no rubber.  Instead the street was crammed with fashion and style gurus, skateboarders, bicycles and a dopplegangers of every stylish person I have ever known in any city around the world.
 We came, we saw and half of us did not conquer...
After contemplating not even attempting to enter the gallery, we got up some courage and headed into the crowds.  Getting up the steps to the gallery was a little nerve racking and I was thinking about how embarassing it would be to break my neck, and how I could make tripping and falling look cool?!?!
 We made it in, got handed a Budwiser as soon as we crossed the threshold, as if to say "Congratulations, you are one tough scenester".  In the sweaty steamy gallery, which felt more like a Russian bathhouse, we perused the photos and the crowd, took a few photos, had a few photos taken of us and then it all got shut down. 
 This fine young lady has the best hair in all of New York!  Obsessed!
McGinley himself getting interviewed and what looks like him getting a number from a new potential model???
 The police realized that it was a disaster waiting to happen and shut the whole thing down.  The only good thing about getting booted out was the amazing man in the all white uniform with white sailors hat who was strictly handling the situation...the great thing about him, was that I thought he was just another eccentric fashion kid wearing a goofy hat! (sorry, I couldn't manage to get a picture)

But after getting ushered out and getting lost in the crowds, I ran into these two.  A little shaken up from getting knocked around and a little confused as to why they were wearing these outfits at an art opening, I asked to take their photo.  Incredible.
The scene of the crime
And afterwards, we escaped the mayhem and found comfort in the comfy red booths and incredible decore of Winnie's Bar in Chinatown.  It matched my outfit so perfectly, who could resist this power shot?!?!


  1. oh the TEAM Gallery mayhem, the photos looked pretty good. Pedestrian had blogged about it today =)

    good to see some photos from the opening though.

  2. Oh my goodness. Look at all the fabulously dressed people.

    By the way your necklaces are amazing. I popped by the website. Breathtaking.


  3. i just found your necklaces on a website and fell in love with the pink flowers one! OMG you guys are so talented!! I just wanted to tell you that!