Friday, March 12, 2010

The Droog at the End of the Tunnel

Just when the cold winter weather and all the colorless clothing shops start to make you think that vibrancy and exciting design no longer exists, Droog comes along, reaches out a hand and takes you off into the land of wonder.  Thank you Dutch design for saving us from the army of black, white and grey!
A genius bookshelf made of the oddest boots, globes, chairs, etc.
A house made of blue foam!
Sitting on a log
This is my kind of scattered organization!
Is this thing on?
Lego my relaxation!
Rolling on balls...hehe!  Best seat in the house!
Lucky money cat musical pinball fun!$¥$¥$¥
The perfect little cubbyhole!
Can't climb this!  Intricate lace chainlink fencing....insane!

One of the best stores in NYC for me thus far!
Droog - 76 Greene Street, NY.  Between Spring and Broome

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