Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Freezing Our Twinkies Off

So we arrived safe and sound in New York last week, despite the freezing cold temperatures and snowbanks everywhere.  Ebony had her first Twinkie, the sun came out and now the exploration has begun...
 Freezing my buns off, but ready to take to Manhattan...
The fine streets of Chelsea
Ebony and Oli, just before they stumble upon the best winter coat sale in the world.
 An old train track turned into a park...Oh NYC, you are so green!
The toughest parking attendant ever
The first and last twinkie
Sure, I'd love to live here
Look up, look way up...intricate detail is everywhere
I think ebony loves food haikus
Tom's, the best American food in town....
And some gorgeous decore....
but beware, you may leave with a food hangover, even if you are not in the lease bit hung over at all!

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  1. Ohhhh much excitement. Where you guys living? I can't wait till July when I'm there again cos now you guys are there it will be so much more FUN! Thanks for your nice comment too btw, I feel better now. I just know your gonna be taking over NYC with make believe magic in no time. xxxx