Monday, April 5, 2010

We Found Spring!

One of the most depressing things about not being able to be everywhere in the world at the same time, is not being able to be in Tokyo in spring.  Hanami (cherry blossom season) is the most heart warming and special time in Japan and it is the best for picnicking, drinking and just enjoying spring. 

In search of blossoms and spring time rejuvenation, Ebony and I set out to find hanami in New York this weekend.  We did not find parks lined with blue tarps filled with salary men drinking sake, Japanese hippies drumming in Yoyogi or cherry blossom flavored alcohol pops, but what we did find was blue skies, artificially flavored Easter bunny treats, police arresting people in parks for drinking and well.... blossoms!
First day on the new bike... smooth operations!
Magnolias are my favorite!
Clutch hanami tree
All the Park Slope yuppies were looking at us like we weren't wearing total disgust of our choice of artificial, non-organic snacks.  Heaven forbid!
A bit more yuppie flavored
Keeping an eye out for Police cruising the park on 3-wheel cartoon cars, stopping drinking in public.  Good thing we had those sneaky paper bags!  Fools 'em every time!
Even the strictly Manhattaners were coaxed into crossing over to the other side for a picnic!
Uncle Mario arrived from Chile just in time. Please stay!
The most glorious little tree on my street
All I can say is that spring in New York is pretty damn nice!

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