Sunday, April 11, 2010

Did 2Pac Actually Ride Horses with Bob Marley?

It was a pretty chilled weekend for us, spent in Brooklyn for the most part.  Cruised around the Brooklyn Flea Market in Fort Greene in search of some... well not actually really in search of anything.  But I did manage to find all the parts to make up a perfect outfit as well as some amazing globes, mouthwatering mexican food and some sunshine in the park.

Then we crossed over the bridge into Manhattan to check out the J-cation festival at the Japan Society.  It smelt like Tokyo and some DJs cranked the hits while we drank sake, ate cream puffs and fried chicken and checked out some incredible historical Japanese prints.  Asobi Seksu finished off the evening with a massive electronic set.  It was a great show to see, but I really would have enjoyed it more with a beer in my hand and ear plugs in my ears. Ouch!  It was a little loud for us ladies!
On Sunday I ventured to the street of Bedford Stuyvesant for an afternoon walk and found a few interesting things....
 A car that had been lit on fire last night, not sure if it was insurance related or what?!?  It was awfully strange to see.
Some elegant artwork portraying some of those most influential men in music... riding horses in the wild west???
 This would look lovely hanging over the fireplace!
And finally some stylish household items which are seeming more and more like a must have for me!


  1. The market looks amazing, I would got nuts there! Sounds like you had a stella weekend. Thats pretty classic with 2pac and bob riding horses!?

  2. I would actually clean my room if I had a broom like that! I would even wear my leopard furry coat doing it!

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