Friday, July 30, 2010

An Eye for Detail

Recently, while my other half was away fighting off cowboys in her motherland, I was fortunate enough to accompany my favourite monocle wearing gentleman, Darcel to lunch at the Japanese culinary icon that is Nobu

Despite daily fantasies I'm not normally a lady who lunches so it was a treat to accompany Darcel on one of his 12 grueling reviewing assignments for NY Restaurant Week.

We got things started with cucumber cocktails and tomato ceviche, more cooling than an open fire hydrant in the NY heat.

Classic sushi, oh and classic wall street-ers too!

All topped off with a glass of creamy strawberry-basily-cakey delight. I took care of both of these.

Just in case all that wasn't fit for Darcel's discerning palate we were presented with a specially prepared plate of mango, melon and raspberry mochi ice cream (De Niro must have sent those out).

And the meal as seen through the eye of my date:

To see all Darcel's restaurant week reviews check this out.

Thank you Darcel!

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  1. hey guys! thanks so much for the shout out on twitter, i only just saw it. Ive recieved so many compliments on the necklace, every one in perth is loving your jewellery!