Sunday, September 6, 2009

Melbourne or Bust

Just when we thought we were heading on a Thelma and Lousise meets Make Believe road trip, things fell apart, the car was a no go and no one would lend us their Ferrari....Boo!  So the ease and convenience of packing our large window installation for Fat in the boot of the car was also a no go.  Instead, we got creative, told the airline it was sports equipment and packed up the letters in a very stealth manner.
Once in Melbourne, we put the pieces back together and got the installation up with the help, style and grace of Bianca and Ben at Fat.  

So the window was glowing and we were ready to take to the town.   Straight to the Madam Virtue exhibition down Crossley Street where our friends were waiting and the champagne was a flowing.  We were so happy to catch up with Bryan Boy again, as so much has happened since we last met up with him during Tokyo Fashion week.  And we mustn't forget some of our favorite bloggers...the gorgeous Fashion Hayley, the genius Matt Imelda, the glamorous Lady Melbourne and of course the lovely Melanie Hick at The Vine.


And rushing rushing to get back to the studio insanity of Sydney, we got a little lost on the way to the airport and just barely caught the plane.  No thanks to the ladies in the back seat!

Goodbye Melbourne!  And don't you miss us, we will be back very soon!


  1. It was so good to see you guys again. I'm sorry that we didn't get to hang out again and that I lost you guys that night. Hopefully I'll see you in Sydney soon xoxo

  2. last week I told virginblue that my fat bolt of fabric was sports equipment... because they give you an extra 5kgs if yr transporting that stuff...? I told them I was using the material to make a banner for a football team. they said that didn't count for some reason... I'ma totally put my stuff in a box next time.

    the fat window display looks faaaabulous!!!!
    x x x x x <3