Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gay Bash? Yes Please, With Sugar on Top!

You know those nights when you hit the town...hard!? You just seem to be having so much fun that you forget that other people exist.  Well the last Gay Bash here in Sydney was a little like that.   We got all dulled up like baby animals for the Spring Fling party in true dress up spirit, gathered forces at Cameron and Ai's leaving party and hit the party at Kings Cross.
 Pictures only show evidence of what we know to be true...we were all having a freaking riot!  Not sure if anyone else was dressed up and not sure if we offended anyone?!?  But forgive us for having one of those selfish nights where all you wanna do is show off your moves and laugh your butt off!

 As always, thank you Gay Bash for giving us an excuse to lose our minds, our dignity and whatever else it was that we lost and cannot seem to remember!!! Until next time....


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  1. how incredibly lovely are your costumes! super super cute.