Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Once Upon A Time

In the beginning, in a land far far away, yet from deep within your heart, there was a big, giant HUMONGOUS FANTASMANIACAL explosion. Two sisters, princesses, were born to different families. The Bone family was ecstatic about the birth of their glorious new baby with flowing black luscious locks. With one glance, everyone in Rocky Cane Land knew that she would become princess of the Make Believe Dynasty. They sacrificed a cow the night of her birth up top the hill that was to be named after her precious name, E Bone.

At first the Bone family did not know about the village of Cowboys and Indians deep in the snowy mountains across the ocean. However, it was there, in the thick white blizzards of winter, a daughter was born to the Warrior Family. This daughter was believed to have descended from ancient times, and they named her Aztec.

E Bone and Aztec Warrior were born simultaneously on a cold winter night, both with instinctive knowledge of their special path in life that lay before them. There was a land in between the mountains and the farmland, a land called Make Believe. The Dynasty of Make Believe had patiently awaited the arrival of the two princesses for many many years and was preparing to celebrate their arrival.

E Bone helped farm the land, build fires and learnt all the ways of the earth. She grew to understand when to begin the harvest, and how to call the animals to congregate, she knew how to care for others in the village and she had a unique power that set her aside from the other children in the farming village. Anything she touched with her small delicate hands turned to a beautiful gem. She could turn a dirty rag into a glimmering gown and a tarnished old piece of steel into a jewel for a King. Her family was so proud that she was getting closer to being ready to leave the small farming village and head to the far away land of Make Believe…..

Oceans away, in the snow capped mountains, Aztec Warrior learned to trek through the forests, hunt for food and prepare it over an open fire, build caves from the soft billowing snow and fish through holes in the ice rivers and mountain lakes. She spent time with her elder, wiser brother who taught her many ways of the gargantuan mountains, but nothing could stop her from wanting to leave the village. She had learned to sew animal hides together to create the most beautiful clothing in the Western Mountains, and she was ready to sit in her new throne in a Dynasty called Make Believe….

The two unbeknown sisters left their homes and all that they knew, as a storm came that scared the animals, shook the trees and caused the land to quake. And just as when the two princesses were born, there was another ginornous, hugetastic earthshaking explosion!!! There were huge plumes of cosmic dust but this explosion didn't mess around with black holes and amoebas. No, from this big sparkly bang of fireworks and multi colored sequins, E Bone and Aztec Warrior began their journeys to MAKE BELIEVE.

As the long awaited princesses descended from the skies, unicorns began to roam beneath pink and blue candy floss clouds, crystals and pastel mushrooms sprouted and friendly candy loving ligers began to prance merrily beneath the glitter raindrops. As the sun slowly blanketed the rolling valleys of flowers and ponies with golden UV free rays, a bow tie wearing faun named Wilford and his boyfriend Peter came into view. The hooves of these creatures tapped gently as they presented each girl with a teensy parcel wrapped in tulle from between their lip-gloss coated lips. As E bone and Aztec Warrior unwrapped the ornate silk ribbon, the tiny parcels grew into perfect glimmering crowns made of diamonds, pearls and jewels alike. It was at this moment that the first rulers of the Dynasty were crowned into the thrones of Make Believe.

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