Friday, March 27, 2009

Opening Reception Party in Tokyo

We celebrated our launch in Tokyo last week at Niche ilil. It was an event full of beautiful atmospheric music by the highhighs. The night started out quiet and cozy, but as the wine started flowing, our gorgeous models Qrea, Yuka and Nabe all from the Trippple Nippples started to set the mood by striking their poses and prancing around like mystical nymphs under a Wizards spell. And we mustn't forget the king of the night Yohei Banzai staring you down with his stern look and strong moves. The night ended much more hectic than it started. It truly was the perfect celebration in anticipation for so much more good to come from the land of Make Believe.
Our oh so lovely models Yuka, Nabe, Qrea, Yohei...and us, Ebony Fleur and Amber Joy

E Bone and our magical Graphic Designer Yoshirotten.

The Flawless designers of DRESSED UNDRESSED Takeshi and Emiko and Amber Joy.
Papa Chaki is reunited with his baby! What a magical moment for the entire family!

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