Friday, January 15, 2010

Best Brithday Presents Ever

Before I get carried away and dive too deep into 2010, which is already starting to move at the speed of light, I want to catch you up on one of the best things of last year.

As some of you know, Ebony and I are actually like one super human, and just as we do almost every single thing together, we were almost born together too!  Crazy!  So for our birthdays which are 3 days apart in December, we had to plan something big!   I secretly had all Ebony's beautiful friends and family come together and buy her a big fat plane ticket to Tokyo for a reunion with friends and a super duper party we used go to called MEAT (whole story on this very soon)!

So a few days after our big birthdays, we were off to Tokyo to celebrate!!!  It was so good having the old gang all together again partying like it was 2006!   (hmm just doesnt have the same ring as 1999!?)

Ebony and Yohei (aka flash) seeing through the same eyes

Eb with our favorite dads and Yulia. We always end up at this cheapie izakaya in Harajuku and everytime we roll out of there stuffed and drunk and only the slightest bit poorer.

Make Believe for everyone!!! Akira and Momo showin' us their faves!

We treated ourselves to Japanese style gel nails at Peek-a-boo in Harajuku. Best investment of 2009.

The new game pick up for the whole family

This is what happens when there are clippers backstage at a club...everyone thinks they need to get a buzz cut! Lucky for you boys it doesn't look half bad!

signature family photo

Three of the main men in our lives...Leon, Kosuke Adam and Magu

Bringing your own birthday cake to a classy fashion party is always a good move!

Me and the oh so wonderful Mr Dan Baily from Tokyo Dandy.

Every trip to Tokyo it is manditory for us to eat enough kareage (fried chicken) for a lifetime...yummy!!!

freezing sad goodbyes

One year older and yet we will never become less's just too much fun!


P.S.  thanks to all my friends for loving me too...they all got me a nice new Ricoh camera for my big day.  Now I have nothing to distract me from documenting all the moments of our Make Believe lives!