Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You Light Up My Life

If you are in Tokyo this weekend, be sure to check out the ilil guerilla pop up shop and exhibition.  I have got a feeling that this is gonna be the best one yet!  With secrets up her sleeve, Roxi aka Rachel Harris is going to blow some minds with her mixing of Dekotora (Decoration trucks), Deko Chari (Decoration bikes) and turtles.  "Deko" means decoration, "Kami-sama" means God, and "kame" means turtle....put 'em all together and what have we got??? Deko Kame Sama aka Decorated Turtle god!

If you are wondering what the heck you can expect, think over the top ultraviolet lights, extravagant colors and paint jobs, and shimmering silver and gold.   Anything and Everything that wouldn't be sensible.  We hate sensible, so we love this idea!


In past collaborations with WUT Berlin and Trump, ilil guerillas have looked a little something like this....


So go on, check it out!

Koenji @ Garter's 2F gallery in "kitakore building"
Friday November 13 7pm - 10pm
Saturday & Sunday November 14 &15 12pm - 8pm

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