Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wined, Dined and Valentined

I always think it is a little bit funny that on Valentine's Day in Japan girls give chocolates to boys and more specifically, office ladies give chocolates to their co-workers.  So while many ladies around the world are getting showered with roses and being wined and dined and valentined, the ladies in Japan are giving heart shaped boxes of chocolates away.
 However, I have learned that if Valentine's Day happens to fall on a Sunday, women need not feel obligated to give because it's a holiday and they won't even be at the office.  Snap!  I also learned that when someone really doesn't want to give away a sweet Valentine surprise, they call it "giri-choko" meaning "obligation chocolate".  So seeing as this year Valentine's is on a Monday, I am sure there is a lot of cheap insincere chocolate floating around the offices in Japan!
 On the brighter side, I really do hope there is some love in the air today so that the boys are getting "honmei-choco" too... aka "Chocolate of Love" or the "true feeling chocolate".  I bet those chocolates taste much better!
Psssst:  If anyone doesn't want their chocolate....please send it this way!
 Not to get ahead of myself and just so no one thinks this is unfair, don't you worry ladies, you get chocolate treats in return on March 14th, "White Day".  And the best part about this special day is that we can expect more than just chocolate....this is where the men roll out the big guns.  The term "sanbai gaeshi" is used, which means "three times the return".  They say good things come to those who wait, and by waiting til March 14th.....the good things will most likely come in the form of cookies, jewelry, lingerie, white chocolate and marshmallows!  Oh My!

To get in the mood for love on this lovey dovey is a heartwarming song about sweet Valentine's Kisses from Japan....

So on this chocolately romantic day we send u almost revolting amounts of love and kisses!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I wanna go Higher!

If you have been following Ebony and I at Make Believe for a long time, you will know that we have dabbled in the music world.  Sounds a little crazy I know, but with the help of our favorite musical wizard Oli Chang, we were able to make some fun dancefloor magic.

We have put down the mics and left music to the pros lately, but Oli continues to blaze on, and his band the High Highs are making HUGE waves in NYC and all around the world!

This post is a little tribute to Oli, Jack and Zach of the High Highs, and a little gift for our readers ears.  I know you are gonna love what you hear.  Perfect for a cozy winter afternoon...