Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bryan Boy Takes Us Places

Everyone who cares about fashion would love to travel the world and be one of the "Who's Who" on the international fashion scene.   I cannot say I know anyone who would pass up front row seats to big name shows like Marc Jacobs at New York Fashion Week, or a complementary shop in the D&G showroom in Milan.  It all sounds so lavish.

And who is lapping up the sweet sweet taste of fashion fame and recognition?  Bryan Boy.  A fashion icon, internationally renown blogger, a friend of ours, and a real gem!  And all those things that we would kill for, he did last month.  With a touch of envy and a dash of jealousy, we at Make Believe couldn't be happier than to see Bryan Boy take to the biggest and best fashion weeks around the world wearing Make Believe...

Bryan Boy (wearing Make Believe) walking the walk with Dolce & Gabbana in Milan

...Shopping the shop at D&G showroom in Milan (again wearing Make Believe )

One seat away from the legendary Anna Wintour and surrounded by the fashion front row elite

Schmoozing with the oh-so-gorgeous Natasha Poly

Earlier this year on a photoshoot in Tokyo (and wearing more Make Believe) with one of Japan's best hair stylists Yuya Nara from SHIMA, and of course the lovely Joe from Tokyo Dandy.  Photos by Dan at Tokyo Dandy

We love you Bryan Boy and we love that you are galavanting around the world with Make Believe around your neck!



  1. saw the pink brooch on hey hey it saturday, of all plaecs, last night....

    exciting!! ha

  2. hey loves. just wondering if theres any where i can buy yr stuff- the website seems to be down. specifically the oversized black roses x

    xo bei

  3. Eeek! I am sooooo sorry the site is down. We are in the midst of a technical crisis. Please email us at hello@thisismakebelieve.com

    We can hook you up with all your Make Believe needs!

    Amber Joy