Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We Got it Covered!

They say that good things come in threes, I am not sure who "they" are but we are gonna believe them on this one.  Having never been on a glossy cover, we were ecstatic to hear that we are on the cover of Nylon Japan this month.  And what could make us 2 girls happier?  To get word that Make Believe is also featured on the cover of Frankie in Australia for the May-June issue!  Eeeek!
Frankie May-June, 2010
Nylon Japan April, 2010 
(this one is thougher to see, but Make Believe is in there...as a belt!)

So these are just two out of the good three and now we are ready and waiting for the third dose of good news!

Thanks Japan and Australia for all your love...we love you so much right back!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Did 2Pac Actually Ride Horses with Bob Marley?

It was a pretty chilled weekend for us, spent in Brooklyn for the most part.  Cruised around the Brooklyn Flea Market in Fort Greene in search of some... well not actually really in search of anything.  But I did manage to find all the parts to make up a perfect outfit as well as some amazing globes, mouthwatering mexican food and some sunshine in the park.

Then we crossed over the bridge into Manhattan to check out the J-cation festival at the Japan Society.  It smelt like Tokyo and some DJs cranked the hits while we drank sake, ate cream puffs and fried chicken and checked out some incredible historical Japanese prints.  Asobi Seksu finished off the evening with a massive electronic set.  It was a great show to see, but I really would have enjoyed it more with a beer in my hand and ear plugs in my ears. Ouch!  It was a little loud for us ladies!
On Sunday I ventured to the street of Bedford Stuyvesant for an afternoon walk and found a few interesting things....
 A car that had been lit on fire last night, not sure if it was insurance related or what?!?  It was awfully strange to see.
Some elegant artwork portraying some of those most influential men in music... riding horses in the wild west???
 This would look lovely hanging over the fireplace!
And finally some stylish household items which are seeming more and more like a must have for me!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gimme More Baltimore!

I was finally able to see straight after a very big weekend and an amazing Saturday night spent at Brooklyn's Best party called The Rub.  Some ancient friends of mine, Smalltown DJs and Wax Romeo were in NYC DJing Flashing Lights and The Rub and when they asked me to tag along to Baltimore too, there was no way I was gonna say no.

So we met on a grungy street corner and had to start begging for a car to rent.  Didn't quite have all the paperwork to rent a car from the fancy places, so we had to go to a grimey place in Park Slope.  With a whole lot of negotiation and a fear that we would be given a car without brakes, we jumped in our little Ford and left the city.
In search of juicy crab cakes, we went to The Dizz where we indulged in some local cuisine with the locals (who may or may not have appreciated us?!)
 Break it if you got it... Mandeep makes the right decision and orders the best fish and chips around!
Obsessed with the flamingos!
Deep fried Mac n Cheese bites....I die for you!
 Baltimore is quaint and picturesque when you are on the "right" side of the tracks, and when you are on the wrong side, lock your doors and windows and prey that you don't pop a tire.  GPS should really offer the choice of "Avoid the Hood" or "Avoid Conflict", instead of just helping you avoid tolls!
For breakfast, we stumbled upon Paper Mood Diner the craziest establishment EVER.  Crawling with dolls, GI Joes, Barbies, Pez dispensers and the strangest mannequins... they served us up some serious breakfasts of champions.
A bit too creepy before my morning coffee!
All bathroom symbols should have to be mimicked by Ken & Barbie
Clearly, this is one of my favorite places ever, seeing as I didn't take too many pictures of much else!
On the way back, we had to get Mandeep to the worlds farthest airport to catch his flight home.  So we drove up through the Bronx, Sleepy Hollow and so many areas of the city that I have never heard of.  It was an adventure for sure, and even though I didn't realize it, I was desperate for a little break from the Big Apple.
And back to reality....

Monday, April 5, 2010

We Found Spring!

One of the most depressing things about not being able to be everywhere in the world at the same time, is not being able to be in Tokyo in spring.  Hanami (cherry blossom season) is the most heart warming and special time in Japan and it is the best for picnicking, drinking and just enjoying spring. 

In search of blossoms and spring time rejuvenation, Ebony and I set out to find hanami in New York this weekend.  We did not find parks lined with blue tarps filled with salary men drinking sake, Japanese hippies drumming in Yoyogi or cherry blossom flavored alcohol pops, but what we did find was blue skies, artificially flavored Easter bunny treats, police arresting people in parks for drinking and well.... blossoms!
First day on the new bike... smooth operations!
Magnolias are my favorite!
Clutch hanami tree
All the Park Slope yuppies were looking at us like we weren't wearing pants...in total disgust of our choice of artificial, non-organic snacks.  Heaven forbid!
A bit more yuppie flavored
Keeping an eye out for Police cruising the park on 3-wheel cartoon cars, stopping drinking in public.  Good thing we had those sneaky paper bags!  Fools 'em every time!
Even the strictly Manhattaners were coaxed into crossing over to the other side for a picnic!
Uncle Mario arrived from Chile just in time. Please stay!
The most glorious little tree on my street
All I can say is that spring in New York is pretty damn nice!