Sunday, March 28, 2010

Do I look Like a Slot?

Staring at her from across the room, her red lights shimmered and her glossy buttons caught our eye...she was indeed a slot...
Getting distracted in a new city is expected and getting distracted in New York is inevitable.  We were out shopping yesterday and the first thing to catch our eyes was an incredible Japanese slot machine in perfect working condition.  How could we say no to her, looking up at us so lovingly, making us feel so ăȘ぀かし(nostalgic).  So we did what we do best, we made a sound decision and bought the slot machine before we bought anything else.
 Something tells me this is exactly how addictions are formed...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Stick Your Foot in it?

Usually it is me who blabs on and on and ends up saying too much.  I am the queen of sticking my foot in it...and this is my castle!

....random foot sculpture we found in a truck while cruising around Brooklyn in the miserable rain!  At least it made us forget about the rain for a minute!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Scenester Sandwiches Served at the McGinley Opening

Last night I buttoned up my flashiest blouse and slapped on almost too much red lipstick and headed to the same place all the coolest kids in New York City were headed...Team gallery for the Ryan McGinley opening "Everybody Knows this is Nowhere."  It was like Grand Street in Soho between Wooster and Greene had a rubber stopper shoved in it, only there was no rubber.  Instead the street was crammed with fashion and style gurus, skateboarders, bicycles and a dopplegangers of every stylish person I have ever known in any city around the world.
 We came, we saw and half of us did not conquer...
After contemplating not even attempting to enter the gallery, we got up some courage and headed into the crowds.  Getting up the steps to the gallery was a little nerve racking and I was thinking about how embarassing it would be to break my neck, and how I could make tripping and falling look cool?!?!
 We made it in, got handed a Budwiser as soon as we crossed the threshold, as if to say "Congratulations, you are one tough scenester".  In the sweaty steamy gallery, which felt more like a Russian bathhouse, we perused the photos and the crowd, took a few photos, had a few photos taken of us and then it all got shut down. 
 This fine young lady has the best hair in all of New York!  Obsessed!
McGinley himself getting interviewed and what looks like him getting a number from a new potential model???
 The police realized that it was a disaster waiting to happen and shut the whole thing down.  The only good thing about getting booted out was the amazing man in the all white uniform with white sailors hat who was strictly handling the situation...the great thing about him, was that I thought he was just another eccentric fashion kid wearing a goofy hat! (sorry, I couldn't manage to get a picture)

But after getting ushered out and getting lost in the crowds, I ran into these two.  A little shaken up from getting knocked around and a little confused as to why they were wearing these outfits at an art opening, I asked to take their photo.  Incredible.
The scene of the crime
And afterwards, we escaped the mayhem and found comfort in the comfy red booths and incredible decore of Winnie's Bar in Chinatown.  It matched my outfit so perfectly, who could resist this power shot?!?!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Wanna Get Nailed

Ebony and I cannot stop talking about gel nails.  Last time we were in Tokyo, we got our nails did at Peek-a-boo in Harajuku and got totally addicted to nail art.  Now I am staying in Bed Stuy in Brooklyn and every block is home to a nail salon.  Ghetto nails, blinging nails, flower nails....every kind of nail.  I want them all!!!
Mine and Ebony's Japanese gel nails
Perhaps a somewhat different extreme of gel nails in Japan
Totally gorgeous AND totally practical!

While trying to decide where to go in New York for our first set of USA nails, we know where we would go in London...Wah Nails.  Some of my old friends in London are running this new nail salon in Dalston and it looks to be one of the best salons I have seen!
Some of the selection at Wah Nails
420 Kingsland Road, London E8 4AA

But until we make our way over to London, it is time to decide on where to get my American nails...

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Droog at the End of the Tunnel

Just when the cold winter weather and all the colorless clothing shops start to make you think that vibrancy and exciting design no longer exists, Droog comes along, reaches out a hand and takes you off into the land of wonder.  Thank you Dutch design for saving us from the army of black, white and grey!
A genius bookshelf made of the oddest boots, globes, chairs, etc.
A house made of blue foam!
Sitting on a log
This is my kind of scattered organization!
Is this thing on?
Lego my relaxation!
Rolling on balls...hehe!  Best seat in the house!
Lucky money cat musical pinball fun!$¥$¥$¥
The perfect little cubbyhole!
Can't climb this!  Intricate lace chainlink fencing....insane!

One of the best stores in NYC for me thus far!
Droog - 76 Greene Street, NY.  Between Spring and Broome

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Freezing Our Twinkies Off

So we arrived safe and sound in New York last week, despite the freezing cold temperatures and snowbanks everywhere.  Ebony had her first Twinkie, the sun came out and now the exploration has begun...
 Freezing my buns off, but ready to take to Manhattan...
The fine streets of Chelsea
Ebony and Oli, just before they stumble upon the best winter coat sale in the world.
 An old train track turned into a park...Oh NYC, you are so green!
The toughest parking attendant ever
The first and last twinkie
Sure, I'd love to live here
Look up, look way up...intricate detail is everywhere
I think ebony loves food haikus
Tom's, the best American food in town....
And some gorgeous decore....
but beware, you may leave with a food hangover, even if you are not in the lease bit hung over at all!